ONEQN Growth

Mar 22, 2013

Shout Outs!!

Today, we in the Munakampala Department of The One Question Network are going to send our shout outs to various categories of people. We have called […]
Mar 8, 2013

Are You Worth Celebrating?

So here comes another unforgettable Women’s Day. The men are supposed to sing praises to the women and do all the house chores. 2013 and the […]
Mar 8, 2013

Women’s Day the Ugandan Way!

It’s International Women’s Day today. In Uganda it means ‘heap insults on man kind’!! I went for Open Mic Fusion the other night at the Uganda […]
Mar 7, 2013

Who Really Runs the World?

Who really runs the world? (Or ruins it for that matter?) I wonder. Is humanity in the hands of clerics? Or at the mercy of politics? […]
Mar 1, 2013

Festo and Ejakait, Episode 3: Explain Yourself!

(Continued from previous story) I have introduced you to Festo and Ejakait, I believe. They are the ones whose level of intelligence, if solidified, would still be […]
Feb 15, 2013

Send Those Kids to School

We were supposed to see what happened to Ejakait this week, but I m the one churning out these fantastic tales, so I decide on what […]