Arts & Creativity

Jul 9, 2015

James Hasindihe-Five Plus Interview

James Hasindihe is the CEO of VX Uganda, a new sport that originated from York shire.This sport borrows similar concepts of dodge ball or “Kwepena” as […]
Jun 10, 2015

Gilbert Igabe-Five Plus Interview

Gilbert igabe is a self taught digital illustrator, currently doing a Multimedia course at Aptech Uganda.He was born in Rwanda,raised in Kenya and is currently staying […]
Jul 22, 2014

Mary Nakawoza-five plus interview

Mary Nakawoza, a June baby born into an amazing family with siblings worth dying for. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Financial Mathematics and Statistics from Uganda Christian […]
Jul 1, 2014

Esther Kalenzi-Five Plus interview

Esther Kalenzi is a young passionate African woman compelled to make a difference in society,she is a MASS communication graduate of Uganda Christian University (UCU) and is the […]
Jun 10, 2014

Richard Musinguzi-Five Plus Interview

Richard musinguzi in plain simpliscity is an artist, his artistic creations range from architectural design, character animation to fine art. Most of you might have experienced his […]
May 21, 2014

Duncan Edeot-Five Plus Interview

Duncan Edeot is an artist whose skillset streches from way back when he used to draw  cartoons make comic books about President Museveni and it was in 2005 […]