Dec 27, 2016

Rhoda Breeden Sentamu-Qn-Quotes

“I want to be remembered as a woman who gave without expecting anything in return.” Rhoda Breeden Sentamu
Aug 2, 2016

Duncan Edeot-Qn-Quotes

“A true artist doesn’t care whether they love his work or hate it, he/she just loves what he/she does best.” Duncan Edeot
Apr 20, 2016

Suz eye-Qn-Quotes

“Music should be taken serious and viewed as a career just  like any other and strong measures put to support the artiste and their art to […]
Apr 12, 2016

Rebecca Nanjego-Qn-quotes

“I would like to remembered as a person who stood by their word.” Rebecca Nanjego
Feb 9, 2016
Annie the Dj-Qn-Quotes
“Like any other job there challenges ,well, I have to be hard lest i be bullied by male djs and some client’s who never believe you […]
Aug 29, 2015
Coopy Bly-Qn-Quotes
“They should expect and pray for me to do as God directs.Am Sure if i follow his lead,then what no eye has seen and what no […]