Festo and Ejakait, Episode 3: Explain Yourself!

Rapa Thomson Ricky
Feb 27, 2013
Frank Ssenyonga
Mar 5, 2013

Festo and Ejakait, Episode 3: Explain Yourself!

(Continued from previous story)

I have introduced you to Festo and Ejakait, I believe. They are the ones whose level of intelligence, if solidified, would still be so small that the point of a needle would be a waste of so much space. Yes, they are like Cow and Chicken. 


Anyway, they both made fun of a bank(whose name we shall not mention, otherwise have a retirement fit for a pope, Mr. Ratzinger!) and, unbeknownst to them, touched the apples of some people’s eyes. One such person was a woman, whom we shall call Ejakait’s Woman until further notice. She did not see the joke. She was utterly insulted, and she decided to call Ejakait immediately.

Ejakait: ‘ello…

Ejakait’s Woman(with a tone so icy, it’d freeze your TML!): You!! What do you think you are doing?

Ejakait: Baby, I don’t think I follow…

Ejakait’s Woman: You are making fun of my bank!!

Ejakait(Breaking out into laughter): Oh that… did you get it? Man, that was crazy, especially about the carrots sticking off the pointy points –

Ejakait’s Woman: And you think that’s funny?

Ejakait: Yeah. Hilarious, right?

Ejakait’s Woman: You wanna know what’s funny?!

Ejakait(Puzzled now): Baby, I –

Ejakait’s Woman: I never make fun of you. But you, you just want to jump at any opportunity and humiliate me.

Ejakait: Um, I don’t think we are on the same page here…

Ejakait’s Woman: Tell me, what do you want from me, hmm?

Ejakait: Whoa, woman, what is wrong with you? What have you got to do with the bank? Me and Festo were just playing. You know how we be –

Ejakait’s Woman: After all I have done for you –

Ejakait: What has the bank got to do with this? Just tell me, because you are not making any sense!

Ejakait’s Woman: Oh, so now I’m not making any sense?

Ejakait: Yeah, like the bank belongs to you, or something!

Ejakait’s Woman: It’s my bank, and I’ll say whatever I want to defend my bank. It is my bank, y’heard!!

Ejakait: You know what, you are a disappointment to the world of free speech! I am not going to have further conversation with you on this matter, so I should be hanging up on you in 3… 2…1…!!

A confused but amused Ejakait hang up. What is wrong with this woman, he thought. This matter needed to be discussed at length over a few TMLs and only one person could answer that. He called Festo!!

Ejakait: Man Festo, I think my woman has a small hole on her head…

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