Who Really Runs the World?

Frank Ssenyonga
Mar 5, 2013
Women’s Day the Ugandan Way!
Mar 8, 2013

Who Really Runs the World?

Who really runs the world? (Or ruins it for that matter?)

I wonder. Is humanity in the hands of clerics? Or at the mercy of politics? Is the whole notion of religion a grand illusion? One so sweet. That we refute and spit at/spit out any facts/truths that seek/seem to question/spoil this fragile “pious” image? Isn’t the whole concept of nations a total misconception? Is it not the defilement of our identity and a fencing of the human entity? Coz when I look at the history of mankind right up to this date, much if not most of the acts of hate have arisen from/been born in either religious or political differences… 

Don’t you think Denis Diderot took things a tad bit too far? Or did he not. When he asserted or otherwise stated that; “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” In response to this. I am of the views that:

Minus religion and politics we are one.
All these borders&names do is define us.
They brand, bind, blind & even contain us.
And in this process. End up just dividing us…

They’re the basis of most conflict.
In expression, relation and opinion.
They’re th basis of most discrimination.
The roots of confusion division & segregation …

Excuse his diction and tone of expression. But I guess all Denis Diderot was saying is;
While Politics governs and traps the flesh of men
Its religion that governs and traps the souls of men…

Our spirits & minds would indeed be freed
From such chains charms n mechanisms of greed
Only if Diderot’s words came to life or ever came to pass
Without priests n kings. We’d indeed be as free as the plants…

First they tame your flesh.
Then they fence your mind.
N soon. They label your place.
And ultimately. Label your kind…

Teach you how to dress.
Teach you how to oppress.
They teach you how to steal.
Make you forget how to heal…

Erasing the significance of your face
Plus the relevance of your sovereignty
All aiming. At dominating your entire race
Thus. Indirectly and subtly dictating your identity…

They teach you to despise your own culture.
And subtly ur tongue disposes of your own language.
They train you to abandon your heritage and ancestry.
To disregard and neglect your own conscience and history…

By mis-education and legal obligation
They gradually restrain your livelihoods
With no moral authority but by indoctrination
They redefine ur faiths n liberties as ones n as a nation…

By sheer arrogance and wanton imperiousness
Or otherwise minding none of their own business
They redraw your boundaries & adjust your territories
All in an attempt. To guarantee and ease your governance…

Thanx to this. Plus ur complacent tolerance
And your blind and unquestioning obedience
They slowly uproot your morals & your essence
Then ur history, ur beliefs & ur traditions. By force…

Replace them with foreign constitutions.
With foreign cultures and falsified religions.
That’s what politics and religion do to a race.
They trap the minds n souls of men by fear & faith…

Sounds like a perfect plan if you want
To rule the world or to start your own cult
Just dictate a man’s beliefs. Tell him what
To and not to believe. Then teach him what
To fear n to love. N then. You have yourself a slave…

Coz then. U have reduced him to a pawn.
A name. A face. A product of your design.
A pet. A spiritual, moral and mental puppet.
U don’t need high walls and strong chains 2 enslave
Confine. Control or command the souls and minds of men…

Just manipulate, train and divide men
Using names, creeds, borders, laws and orders
Then their flesh will always behave and respond
Exactly as, whenever & however you so request it to
Then men will act. As you require, dictate or so wish them to…

Th’ Suspe©t™

Kidron Pascal Nabende Googo (Bachelor4Lyf)

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