(The One Question Network – ONEQN ) grants the opportunity to a select members of the world to publish content on our platform that will enrich our audience with fruitful content and our contract with you (the “agreement”) stipulates the type of content and the entire set of guidelines that will give direction to our work relation:



Authors will create content that does not include any form of content that promotes violence, immorality, Nudity, hate speech, obscenity, untrue statements, fraudulent or intentionally misleading and that invades any right of privacy or personal right of any individual. 

Use of images:

Images that come with images should be free of copyright, under the creative commons license (CC0) or in-case of the use of an image from another website/media, the source should be indicated.

Rights, Licenses:

By Submitting content to ONEQN expressly gives it the right to reproduce, publish and distribute the content to its partner websites and maintaining the Author as the original source of the content.

Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights: 

The Author will retain all rights to the submitted content and any works submitted to ONEQN. The content should not contain any intellectual property owned by any third party or and  if it bears any it should have been cleared at the expense of the author and all rights to further use any given intellectual property in the content for all of the purposes and rights must have been  granted to the author.

Representations and Warranties; Covenants; Indemnification; Conflict of Interest:

You expressly warrant that: Each work submitted must be of a sole author, your work is of original nature and your own and is not plagiarized from another’s work. The content has not been published on any other Website either by you or any other person, previously been published by you or any other person in any form.

Right to Unpublish or Edit:

ONEQN reserves the right, without notice, to edit, publish and unpublish any submitted content.

Relationship with ONEQN and Liability : 

You are an independent contractor and not an employee, partner or agent of ONEQN. This agreement puts into effect relationship between the content provider as on independent contractual basis and not an employee and ONEQN is not liable or accountable to views expressed in their content.

Advertisement in articles:

All forms of advertisement within authored articles must be sent in advance to ONEQN for verification,pricing and endorsement.

If you are in agreement with the above policy please proceed below to fill in the form to register and we will get in touch with you.


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