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Jan 20, 2015

CNN Feature: Young minds, bright future: Robotics revolution hits Ugandan classrooms

Solomon king Benge has been and still is instrumental in the robotics sector in Uganda ,he is achieving this through an organisation called Fundibots and this […]
Jan 11, 2015

The biggest threats to the internet

With over seven billion people on the planet and approximately 40% of them online, the internet is one of the most important resources to protect, but […]
Jan 11, 2015

Monitoring a small business IT infrastructure

Monitoring and management tools are becoming more complex to deal with increasingly sophisticated applications. But many small businesses have neither the time nor resources to devote […]
Jan 11, 2015

Employee monitoring software: top four on the market

A degree of autonomy is always required in order for employees to do their jobs, but sometimes it’s necessary to keep track of employee activities when […]
Jan 9, 2015

The iPad Is Getting Boring, Because It’s a Laptop

The iPad is a laptop. So don’t expect a huge upgrade this week. In four years, the iPad has gone from zero to a completely mature […]
Jan 9, 2015

10 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn

As entrepreneurs, we all follow our own path. For some, the rise to financial success is a long, slow, painful process. For others, things just seem […]