Arts & Creativity

Feb 14, 2013

An Xiao Mina

An Xiao Mina is an artist, designer, writer and technologist  whose deep interest is in networked creativity and cultural uses of technology, not forgetting her undying passion […]
Feb 7, 2013

Rhoda Mukasa

Rhoda Mukasa is a fantastic graphic designer, novice web designer and a big fan of rock music. She also loves reading. She spared some time for […]
Dec 13, 2012

Kidron Googofella

Kidron Googo AKA Kidasa Ronald is crazy, ambitious, mostly silly, a dreamer… probably a mad man! He loves to laugh, draw and write. He also loves […]
Nov 9, 2012

Colin Asiimwe- Twitterview

Asiimwe Colin of NTV -Men Live on Twitter Carried out on Thursday 8th November He is a ad man , PR professional , tech enthusiast ,social […]