Duncan Edeot-Five Plus Interview

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Duncan Edeot-Five Plus Interview

Duncan Edeot is an artist whose skillset streches from way back when he used to draw  cartoons make comic books about President Museveni and it was in 2005 when he first discoverd the passion of portraiture. His first piece was Sean Paul, though stolen. The second was J- Lo, stolen too.While in school he decided to  try out the most feared paper in art(portraiture).After high school he went for Fashion in Kenya and when he returned to he started Edeot’s Portraits. His work has been in Spain, Italy, U.S.A, U.K, Malaysia, Indonesia & others countries. Get to know more about who he is through our interview.

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Some splendid work you have there, so who really is Duncan Edeot?
Thanx for the complement. Duncan Edeot is really an “idiot” who loves drawing.He is funny too, but most people refer to it as “stupidity”.

What schools did you attend and how did they point you to your current profession?
I went to Budo Junior School for primary, King’s College Budo for my O & A’level, then Evelyn College of Design for a Diploma in Fashion. they just tried to point me to the right direction.

You used to draw cartoons and comics about President Museveni, are/were you his marketing manager or gallant supporter?
I was more of a gallant supporter, though i mainly drew him just to keep awake in class.

Which people did you or do you look up to in the art industry?
There are mainly six people that i look up to; Colo Collin, Jona Kagimba, Andrew Semanda, Assumptah Nakamya, Rtn. Peters Musoke, & Owekitbwa Nelson Kawalya. Each one has played a really special part in ma GIFT.

Some of his work



What’s your assessment of the current state of Uganda’s art industry and what do you think should be done to better improve it?
Uganda’s art industry is growing quite well.at-least now, a fair amount of Ugandans grace art exhibitions. and art crafts are being used at different occasions.

Do you think that school is really important or should people just discover their talents and go off to make money?
School and talent are both important. but parents need to pay more attention at their kids’ talents. i have met doctors, lawyers, bankers, e.t.c who are good artists, singers, or have other gifts.

What do you think is a secret recipe for success?
I get inspiration from three things; ANGER, i draw when am angery with someone. MONEY, the more clients i get, the more money i get. ALCOHOL, to be precise, whiskey(Bond7), it keeps me going.

Were there some moments that you felt like giving up and how did you get out of this state?
No, i have never wanted to give up.

How would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered as EDEOT.

Any final remarks?

A true artist doesn’t care whether they love his work or hate it, he/she just loves what he/she does best.


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