Clayton Nyakana
May 7, 2013
Early Warning for Imminent Coup
May 10, 2013



They say a bad boy makes a better man
But not every bad beginning makes a good end
Rumor says stubborn boys make for stabler men
But not every ugly beginning means a pretty end…

Fate has it that spoilt boys grow into finer men
But not every rough beginning brings a smooth end
Funny some weak boys turn out the strongest of men
But not every dark beginning invites a bright end…

You’ll be amazed some good boys turnout the best of men
But not every bright beginning ensures a brighter end
And sometimes well bred boys prove to be attested men
But not every good beginning guarantees a better end…

Folk says no  to men are the same, I guess am just who I am
Like the moon can never be the sun, I guess I am just one
Maybe you can say my name, stain ma name and slay ma name
But you cant take ma name, claim ma name or maim ma name…


I didn’t choose my past, but I know am not the worst
I didn’t choose to live fast, but I know am not the first
Didn’t choose ma karma/fate, but by God, I know am not cursed
Didn’t choose my peers & gifts, but by God, through them am blessed…


Th’ Suspe©t

Kidron Nabende Googo (Bachelor4Lyf)

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