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Happy Easter From ONEQN Network

Happy Easter From OneQn Network

This is one of those days that I really feel that I should start off with a hymn in a high Soprano note but unfortunately, my vocals could be an embarrassment to the musical world so I will skip that. Hehe… You can also thank God that you won’t go through the trouble of hearing me sing a hymn.

It is the Easter holiday season! Do you have your Easter egg already? I truly hope you kept it safe because it only has to be broken on Easter. Further more, I hope it is red in color because that symbolises the blood of Jesus that was shed at the cross.

RED Easter Eggs

Let me also ask, do you paint because your family always does that every Easter season due to love for painting?? Could it be because when you were writing your notes while still in school, you wrote your heading in Red, sub heading in green, details in blue and the summary in black?? Hahaha… My dear friend, if that is the case, then Jesus walked on water so that you could dilute all those colors to form one, RED. Lol.

According to Wikipedia, In the Orthodox and Catholic churches, Easter eggs are dyed RED to represent the blood of Jesus Christ, with further symbolism being found in the hard shell of the egg symbolizing the sealed tomb of Christ – the cracking of which symbolized his resurrection from the dead.

I won’t rule out the fact that designers and beauty lovers took the egg painting game to a higher level and started painting eggs with attractive designs and colors other than red to decorate in the house. Please don’t ask me what happens to the eggs after Easter because I don’t want to be the reason why Jesus would be crucified again because I lied.

Decorated Easter Eggs

All in all, Jesus died for the seemingly useless me and you and resurrected after three days. He later ascended to heaven to be with his heavenly Father but he was generous enough that he sent us the Holy Spirit to be our counsellor.


Serah Adong
Serah Adong
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