Merry Christmas from Us!

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Merry Christmas from Us!


Merry Christmas! It’s that time of the year again where the cities get lit! The celebration never ceases to stop and everyone is filled with joy. In the western world, the season is characterized by winter and mind blowing decor all over the streets which could not be at a greater extent in Africa. Here are some of the reasons you can look up to Christmas…

Family! Merry Christmas to your family first of all. It’s the period where we all get excited to see our long lost family that could have been far away due to all the reasons. You can look forward to the great family reunion like never before and get sharing about all those stories and what you’ve all been doing in the period you’ve been away from each other.

Movies! At least every year you are certain that there will be newly released movies to enjoy with friends and family then get to laugh together. You can as well visit your archives and watch old Christmas movies so that you get reminded about the good old years.

Games! How much fun can only be imagined if you are in large numbers?! Games like the musical gift circle (where by you play music and move the gifts around in a circle. Each person in the circle must at least have a gift. Play music at least 7 times and the last gift each person holds is their gift!)

Shopping! The period with crazy discounts which gets us filling our baskets with almost everything! Food, decor, clothings, and so much more.

Swallowship! Hmm.. My wild imaginations and expectations of food are just too much. Me and my flat belly just can’t wait to be confused about what dish to have and what to forego or whether I should just have a little bit of everything! In Africa especially the rural Africa, this is the day when families get to cook almost everything they have ever wanted. If you too love food, am glad to meet you. Let’s enjoy the “foodilicious” season together. 😃😃

Christmas greetings from Serah.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from me and the The One Question Network (ONEQN) team.

There are more than enough reasons for you to be excited about the season. To the Christians, it is the season when the Savior was born. The man who paid the ransom that only he could pay. The wonderful counselor is born unto the world and this is a big reason for the celebration.

May the love of God abide and grow more in you from this season on forth. May you never lack and have the happiest of all years in 2018. We at the One Question Network (ONEQN)  wish you good and no harm. We want to see you again in 2018, 19, 20….


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