Clayton Nyakana

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May 1, 2013
May 9, 2013

Clayton Nyakana

Clayton Nyakana is a polite, humble Software Engineer from MUK and the Business Development Manager for Hereza Solutions.

Clayton Nyakana

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We got the chance to interview Clayton. These were our findings.

Who is Clayton Nyakana?

Well, he is a polite, humble person who likes to make friends. He is married to one wife and loves God. He is qualified as a Software Engineer from MUK and has vested interest in information systems, web and mobile applications.

Which schools did you go to?

I started out at Entebbe Kindergarten, proceeded to Lake Victoria School, then Lugazi East Primary School. I started my secondary education at Mandela Secondary School Hoima, then went to Sir Tito Winyi Secondary School for A Level from where I went to MUK

Word has it that you are a shareholder in a firm called Hereza Solutions. if so what does it do and why the choice of the name Hereza?

Yes, I’m a shareholder in Hereza Solutions.

Hereza Solutions is a technology firm that sepcializes in information system development, web design and development, mobile application design and development, corporate identity development, to mention but a few. For more services one can visit our website.

The name Hereza is derived from a local translation of the phrase “to serve” in Runyoro/Rutooro. Considering the fact that we are a service rendering company, we identified more with it and decided to use it.

There has been an influx in mobile app development in Uganda. Do you think the apps developed are relevant to the Ugandans?

On the contrary, I would like to disagree with you on that. I believe, the mobile apps domain is a virgin field in Uganda. The apps that have been designed are mostly substandard and are not user-friendly. There are quite a few such as Matatu of Kola Labs that has really been developed to meet the user expectations of it. You see, a lot of companies are developing mobile apps but very few make it to the market. Most of these apps are targeting the wrong users. There is a lot to do in the mobile app sector and very little has been done, at least to my expectation.

Any of our daily activities here are only unique to us here in Uganda. This means that if a mobile App was to be developed to improve each of these activities, you would have more than enough.

I always make the best of any situation!

In a period of five years what do you anticipate to have achieved?

As an individual, I anticipate to have acquired new skills that enable me take on more tasks that I can take on today. On the other hand I would like to start a mentoring programme where I help young, talented and upcoming designers and developers learn how to properly administer their skills and use them to their advantage as have mine.

As a company, Hereza solutions would like to have fully ventured into providing software as a service to the public. This will make the products more affordable for the targeted users and improve on the service the clients get.

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