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Kidron Googofella

Kidron Googo AKA Kidasa Ronald is crazy, ambitious, mostly silly, a dreamer… probably a mad man! He loves to laugh, draw and write. He also loves computers and dogs… and the list goes on… He is what you would call a jack-of-all-trades. We were lucky to have him slot us into his long list of things he loves to do!!

Kidron Googo

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Kidron Googofella, that’s an interesting name. Does it have a special meaning behind it?

Okay, Kidron is not just a nick name. It’s actually a Jewish name. But i don’t know if this was a hint from God/fate, whether it was a coincidence or sheer luck but I made it up in my P3 and I’ve been using it ever since. Kidron sums all my 3 given names. The “Kid” is from Kidasa. “Ro” from Ronald and the last “N” from my family name, Nabende.  Googo is my dad’s name. And the KlaFella simply means i was born and raised in Kampala.

What do you do to earn a living?
Usually I do quick, small “deals” to earn my living. Either they are work-related or personal. I do general brokering, gadget sales, IT trouble shooting, DATA recovery and special writing. Some time its people’s wedding vows, birthday notes, special anniversary poems and am yet to publish a book. I write narratives and advert scripts for Media256, I do blogging for Cineplex on behalf of Bi-Net Investments and I’m the Operations Manager at DrumNation Entertainment.

Apart from you being a member of the “Youtube Faculty of the University of Google”, what is your academic background?
Academics. Hmmm. First off, allow me say this, I believe we go to school to learn, not just to pass. Well its nothing to be proud of but let me say I am an e-literate fella, because from my childhood, I had quite decent grades but due to both financial and circumstantial factors. I have not finished a single tertiary course I started. I attended Winston Standard Academy for primary education, where I aced my entire class and got admitted to King’s College, Budo. Ever since I left King’s College, everything I do, everything I’ve done and know is all self taught. I learn mainly by way of computer-aided tutorials. Passion fuels my ambitions. I have had basic financial training and a lifetime of exposure to computers. My passions are technology knowledge and art. With words. It’s purely passion. I never studied Literature or even liked it for that matter but lately some rate me as a good lyricist/poet/philosopher. I’ll let you and time be the judges of that!

“Mbu” you’re a professional blogger. What do you blog about?
Well word has it I am a blogger but am NOT A PROFESSIONAL AT ALL! Only passion fuels all my ambitions. I have actually failed to find a reason to maintain and update my blog @ kidrongoogo.blogspot simply because i believe facebook is already a blogging site/application. Since it contains my thoughts, my philosophies, theories and poetry all on one platform. So, why bother keeping two blogs. Unless of course if an opportunity came up to translate my blog into money then surely will revive it. It’s there but simply idling with a couple of my first works.

Recently, Kampala Lord Mayor attained a 300 million shillings car. What is your take on that?

About the mayor getting a car worth 300 million, all I can say is this shows our lack of priorities as a country. What can he achieve in that car that he couldn’t achieve in his personal Pajero or Land cruiser under 50 million? He should set an example auctioning his car and translating those moneys into a budget for a city cleaning drive.

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