Are You Celebrating Valentine’s day?

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Are You Celebrating Valentine’s day?


It’s that time of the year yet again where all the streets are painted in red with beautiful roses as businesses are giving crazy discounts to their customers/clients so that they can buy lots of things for their loved ones, friends and family! What are your plans for Valentine’s day? I imagine you could choose to be home watching movies to avoid the crowd or probably go out for a date. Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest!


I visited the Sunday School at church last Sunday, knowing that Valentine’s day is in the course of the week, just to ask the young children what the sign of love is to them. This young girl told me the sign of love is the heart. I went ahead to ask her who the author of love is and she said God, simply because God is love! 😊😊 Interesting… I said. So I asked her one last question, Where does God stay? In our hearts, she replied.


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Am I the only one who feels like that is much knowledge for a 3year old or what?! I got back home and thought about what she said. If God is love, and the sign of love is the heart, and, the heart is God’s dwelling place, then obviously, our homes/houses could also be our sign of love! Oh dear! Don’t get confused. Someone just taught the young girl that the sign of love is the house where God stays, which is in our hearts! So, practically, your bungalow or flat is your sign of love! Just imagine what others would really think of your love when they look at your house. Would they consider it genuine or a unique kind of pretense? 🤔🤔

With that said, am sure non or very few of us would actually want our houses to be our signs of love! Don’t worry… Am also here to say that,real love is action because actions speak louder than words! Wondering how? You see, these actions create and leave memories that loved ones hold onto and cherish for a long, long time. With just one action of love, you won’t ever need to keep repeating yourself how much you love him/her, but they will tell just by the efforts you put in making them happy, and making things work out for the better, or best of everyone. Go ahead and choose to go beyond saying “I LOVE YOU” but let your actions roar it out loud for you, because the impact will be greater than your sweet voice 😊.


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Dear friend, feel free to go out shopping with your loved ones, treat yourselves to nice meals and delicacies, plus anything you could ever think of to make the day memorable. More importantly, understand each other’s love language then respond to them positively.

By the way, you don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s day. The people you hold close to your heart are your valentines! You can celebrate it with your mom, siblings, best friends, dad, and many others, especially since/if they mean the world to you. Remember, it’s love in action!

Happy Valentine’s day from all of us at ONEQN.

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