The Sinner in Me

Mister Deejay
May 15, 2013
Mugoya Nasser – Five Plus Interview
May 21, 2013

The Sinner in Me

The sinner in me

I detest selfish people
But I despise snobbish people
Honestly. I can stand idiosyncrasy
But what I can’t understand. Is hypocrisy…

Not that am indifferent
Or that it’s insignificant
Feel free to hate me for no reason
But if you should. Love me for a reason…

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I am free to vent. Free to rant
4 that I’ve never needed persmission
Coz it’s your choice to make it relevant
Coz I’ve never sought approval or attention…

I can tolerate sacarsm
But I cant reciprocate racism
For one is a source/product of humor
The other is a loss. It makes us inhuman…

I admit I’ve told some lies
That made and even broke some ties
And in due time. I have come to realise
Friendship is a plant. If not watered. It dies…

I’ve asked a couple of hows
And even answered a couple of whys
But still. I am yet to be declared wise
Coz ultimately. All I know are stories & theories…

As a child I loved acting
Infact. I admit I was quite good at it
I guess I just love appealing to others’ senses
But if ever in pretense. Know that was the sinner in me…



Th’ Suspe©t

Kidron  Nabende Googo (Bachelor4Lyf)

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