Mugoya Nasser – Five Plus Interview

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Mugoya Nasser – Five Plus Interview

Mugoya Nasser, aka DJ Naselow, is an outspoken music die-hard and a qualified business man, majoring in business computing. He also claims to be Kampala’s best kept secret and the reason why Iguana is a popular hangout. We managed to get a hold of him just before he went to work.

DJ Naselow

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How do you describe the Uganda’s DJ industry?
I describe the DJ industry as an industry with a unique and unbeatable art form of entertainment whose potential is yet to be fully explored.

Why is it that the DJ industry seems to be growing much faster than that in Uganda?
The DJ industry in Uganda is growing much faster because there are very many platforms and avenues for which we DJs can promote their craft.

 When did you start Deejaying?
I’ve been deejaying for as long as I can remember. But professionally, I started in the year 2010.

Apart from deejaying what else do you do?
Nothing else, I’m fully committed to being a DJ because that’s where my heart is.

Is it a fact or fiction that most of the DJs in Uganda are not well educated?
Well I’m inclined to the thought that education is relative to the level of education that one has attained and how best they can use the knowledge they have acquired. But in Uganda its definite fact most deejays are not educated.

In five words, describe yourself.
Hehehe. Five words are not enough to describe me Hmm….?!!! Anyway here goes; “I’m Kampala’s Best Kept Secret.”!

What is your most trying moment in your life?
There have been lots of trying moments.  I can’t really pick out one. What’s more, there‘ll always be trying moments for as long as I’m alive. I always look at trying moments in my life as moments that inspire me to become an even better person.

Where do you envision yourself in the next five years?
In five years… I am definitely and absolutely interested in making a long-term commitment to being a DJ. In terms of my career’s path, I’m confident that if  I do my work with excellence, opportunities will inevitably open up for me and hopefully I’ll have an even better understanding of a DJ.

What would be your advice to improving the Uganda’s DJ industry?
Well, I wouldn’t be a very good doctor if I gave my diagnosis before the examination. I’d like to take a good hard look at deejaying through a magnifying glass and understand why it’s being done that way. Therefore advice to improve the DJ industry requires in-depth meetings with key people in the DJ fraternity to get a deeper grasp of what we are doing right and what could be improved.


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