Othole-Five Plus Interview

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Jan 27, 2014
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Feb 12, 2014

Othole-Five Plus Interview

Michael Sylvester Mukama Aka Othole is a Christian artiste and music producer at the Kenyan Based N.Y.N.P a label that has produced for various gospel artistes like Maluda , Dafari, X-po and others .We caught up with him , see what he had to say.

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Othole,nice name,what does it mean and is it your birth name?
yes, thanks ,its luo means “bones” and no it aint my real name it’s a nickname. My birth name is Michael Sylvester Mukama. By the way my mum is Ugandan. They (mum and dad) both died years back.

What schools did you attend and how did they impact your current personality?
Primary went to High ridge primary, for high school i went to Mbeji academy and kangundo high,in primary i was a bit shy but i gained alot from high school in relation to my personality coz i used to entertain the older boys by rapping n dancing. We used to pray a lot (c.u) which helped me realize God more. Did a lot of drugs and got drunk made me hate and fear being high.

Is School necessary since many people can self-train themselves skills that in turn make them earn a living, if so, why?
Yes, school is necessary. School exposes you to other people and different cultures which opens your mind especially when you hear other people’s ideas, plus you learn more than just the skill that you got e.g. how to converse in other languages, etiquette, plus it gives you a starting point where you can make mistakes and learn as you grow and progress.

There are so many producers sprouting out of their bedrooms and starting production, what should be done maintain or create the highest level of quality?
Know what you got to maximize it, always practice, always research, ask questions, travel and see what other competitors are doing, upgrade equipment and software.

N.Y.N.P, an interesting acronym linked to you, what does it do and how many successful products have come out of it?
NDANI YA NYUMBA PRODUCTIONS(N.Y.N.P) is 16yrs old, we are involved in a great deal of art production that glorifies God, what we have been known for is audio productions… Here are a few. Young and saved – othole ft kilio, niko na reason – eko dydda & holy dave on and on, so amazing – mc dice, altar ego – x-po i can do it rmx – holy dave ft joey, Astar mara hiyo hiyo – bantu ft holy dave & monday till sunday – Dafari.

What’s your average day like?
Well it depends on the schedule i try and have a few things to do per day so that i make progress, but i mainly start out with studying God’s word(not all days but often as possible) i pray, then making beats, editing mixing mastering vocals and beats, video shoot, interviews, hosting events, performing, meetings, classes, so it depends on the day what is booked.

How did you usher in the New Year 2014?
Went for prayers in my church international christian centre with my wife, came home by 10pm by midnight we were just at home thanking God for the new year with my wife cynthia.

What should we expect from you this year?
Work and more work. It’s going to be a year of work. So watch this space.

What’s your best advice for the upcoming artistes and music producers?
Believe God, listen to him & keep going don’t stop.

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