Looch Da Spokesman – Five Plus Interview

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Looch Da Spokesman – Five Plus Interview

Looch Da Spokesman of D.U.B. L.I.F.E. Entertainment comes to the industry with over 10 years of experience in urban music and a professional approach to the rap game. Looch, born as H. Wingard has an array of talents and enthusiastically undertakes the role of producer, songwriter/composer, director and actor in every opportunity he comes across. He is no stranger to hard work and with appreciation credits the beginning of his career to the partnerships with Stone Cold Recordz and D.U.B. L.I.F.E. Records. While he was active with these labels he and other group members released the albums entitled “The World is Ours” and “Da Re Up”. The albums were well received by its listeners and motivated Looch to start producing songs.

He has opened for artist such as; Rick Ross, Dead Prez and Nas to name a few.He has become a sought after performer and host for various events such as: Bad Boy South Midwest Concert, Atlanta/Chicago/Detroit and Miami concerts presented by Major Publications, Not Major Magazine, Lock The Mic Concert, Hip Hop For AIDS/HIV Awareness, NYC Streetmos Conference and Concert, Cease Fire Peace Concert, Democratic Party Election Party, Gary In, Caribbean, Festival Of Life and Austin Fest in Chicago, The Midwest Rappers Ball and more.We managed to hook up with him for an interview.

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Looch Da Spokes Man is an interesting name. Is this your birth name? What words best describe you
Looch is no not my birth name. That’s the name that was given to me by my people… words that describes me: loyal, truth, concious, determined, hustler… I could go on and on!!!

Which schools did you attend? Where are you from?
I attended Emerson Elementary, Corliss High School and International Academy of Technology and Design College. I am from Chicago, IL. Born and raised!!!

Tell us more about D.U.B. L.I.F.E. ENT. Which personalities or projects have you worked on
D.U.B. L.I.F.E. ENT. is an independent company that provides different services within the entertainment business. We manage artists, have a production company, DL Recording Studios, DL Printshop, D.U.B. Cinema and Media Models. We also produce different events such as the Umbrella Tour and also partnered up with V.A. Productions on the annual Midwest Urban Music Awards/Rappers Ball. I’ve worked with Bo Deal of Killa Klan and Brick Squad and Co-Still of Eight Nine Music.

What pressing challenges did you face starting out and how did you overcome them?
Well, it wasn’t really too many issues because I was with another label for like six yearrs before I started D.U.B. L.I.F.E. ENT. So a lot of things I had already learned firsthand from my previous experience.


How is your music relevant to the society you live in and how can it be used to instill positive change in the community with focus on the youth?
I talk about the things that are going on right now, what’s been going on. I don’t just act like it’s all sweet and we got all this bread and all we do is Ball! Now let ’em know how I use to serve and get a lot of drug money then let ’em know how that jail cell was cold and I lost a lot of weight because of the lack of food..I let me know it’s not all peaches and crème.

Many young people are negatively influenced by music both in Africa and around the world. They’re involved in crime, violence, drug abuse and indecency. How can that image be changed?
I believe it starts in the house hold first. It’s all about your upbringing. Just because you watch Scarface shouldn’t make you go out and try to be the biggest drug dealer in the world. If your morals and teachings are in tack.You are already in your lane and know what you got to do and how you got to do it because you were already taught the right way. Now the things that does influence us is the poverty we live in. The lack of employment and things to this nature. That’s what makes us go out and sale drugs or rob because a lot of times there is no other choices to feed the family or to pay that gas bill and it’s the middle of winter, after we’ve been looking for a job for 6 months. It’s hard out here and some people can’t take it.

Where do you envision yourself in five years’ time?
One of my visions is  for my company to be able to distribute independent companies music, clothing and accessories digitally and in stores.

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