Maluda-Five plus interview

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Maluda-Five plus interview

Eystone A. Mukubi better known as MALUDA is the fist born of two was born in September 2nd 1988. MALUDA is  a Kenyan  Christian  Hip-Hop artist affiliated to NYNP .Thus far he has been features in multiple mix-tapes and has currently launched his  album titled  TRANSFORMED. He is also a member of a group called ETERNAL MC’S.


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What school did you attend?

I attended St Joseph nursery the I joined St Michaels Primary School after that I went to Kirimari High school in Embu after that I joined Jommo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology where I studied Information Technology I graduated in 2010 and this year im going back to school to study journalism.

What genre of music do you do?

I do hip-hop, I love hip-hop I love the art in itself especially how one is able to express stuff rhyme and still make sense at the moment I thank God for hip-hop despite it being overtly related to all the wrong stuff I believe it can be used for God’s glory.

Why did you opt to do gospel music?

Actually if you look at it there is no such thing as gospel music in a sense that gospel is not a genre the thing is I’m a Christian and I rap I’m using my God given gift for God’s glory I also address things from a Christians perspective I don’t believe that there is a genre called gospel Jesus did not die for a genre its bigger than that.

Apart from music what do you do?

Apart from music I’m a lecture I teach Information Technology at a local college I Nairobi.

Why did you choose Romans 1:16 as your foundational Bible verse?

Well to be honest Lecrae has been a huge motivation in my life one of the things that God used to reach me was Lecrae’s song Crossover from his first album, when I heard the song I was challenged to live for God and give my life to Jesus the chorus and the verses were just on point and I loved the zeal Lecrae had for relaying God’s word and I was motivated to live the unashamed life (One One Six) by now I know you know about the One One Six clique, I feel like you don’t have to be Trip Lee or J-son or Sho Baraka to be Unashamed its bigger than them and that what’s I’m lm living however sometimes people label you a wanna be but its all good it comes with territory…

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What’s your perspective of life

Well I believe that God is the giver of life and as human beings living for God’s will is what is required of us we are all going to stand before Jesus and give an account of our lives nothing we have is actually ours its all God given.

What was your prayer at the start of the year?

I had a bunch one of them one was for God to open doors for my music and by doing this interview is a blessing I pray for more…

Where did the start of the year 2013 find you?

I was at the end of year concert called TSO (Totally Sold Out) it was dope had my share of fun.

If you were the Kenya what would you change what would you change or even do?

I would tackle impunity and try and make systems that would actually benefit people work there is so much unfairness going on…

Where do you view yourself in five years time?

Hmmm probably having a family a wife a child or two also doing music more albums whatever God has install for me.

How would you like to be remembered?

Among many things I wanna be remembered as someone who had zeal to see God’s word reach as many people as possible also some one who made great music for God’s glory

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