INTERVIEW: Erica Mason – A Rapper & Motivational Speaker from the USA

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INTERVIEW: Erica Mason – A Rapper & Motivational Speaker from the USA


Erica Mason is a rapper based in USA and she is “PRETTY N RADICAL”.This essentially signifies: “To love who God made you and how God made you. It intends to be Pretty from Within.” This development turned into the title of her EP “Lovely N Radical” which appeared at No. 35 on the iTunes charts. Get to know more about Erica from this exciting interview.

Who is Erica Mason and what adjective best describe you?

Erica is an ordinary girl who speaks on the behalf of other ordinary women! The best verb that describes her is Passionate

What’s your academic background and did it have an impact on your career?

I attended Williston high school where I was the first black valedictorian of my class. I also attended the University of Florida on a full ride scholarship and graduated with honors.

Which personalities did/do you look up to and why?

My sister, she is my superhero and one of the strongest, caring, and loving women I know. She is always there for me no matter what. When we were growing up, I wanted to be just like my her. I wanted to literally do everything she did. I wanted to wear everything she was wearing.

When my sister was doing debating and public speaking in high school and eventually going to college,that inspired me to do the exact things like her. Everything that I had accomplished back then was driven by trying to make her proud. I think the two traits I really believe I embody of my sister is her resilience and relentlessness.



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When did you discover your passion to Rap and why did use it as a ministry tool and not solely to make money?

When I was younger I had given my life to Christ at 8 years old and when I had gotten around the age of 14 years old someone had given me a Christian Hip Hop CD and I didn’t know that was a thing back then lol. One day I tried to create my own song, and that’s when I rapped it for one of the youth leaders at church and she suggested that I do it on a youth Sunday. When I performed it that youth Sunday everyone was crying and that’s when I got the revelation that it was a ministry. I just love God and I wrote a song and people were moved by it.


Where do you draw inspiration for your songs?

I draw inspiration from personal situations I have been through in life. I also draw from situations that other people maybe experiencing or have experience and I am writing from how I would fell in that instant. Sometimes it can be a scripture, something that God places on my heart, or something as simple as a city I’m in and the skyline is breathe-taking. lol


Tell us more about your song  “Ain’t worried” and did you face any challenges while making it and if so, did these challenges have an impact on molding your faith in God?

The song “Ain’t Worried” was birthed in a season of my life where I was writing this song as a faith confession, because everything that was going on around me caused me to worry. I needed to remember that I don’t have to worry because I have God. I had to stop trying to control things that were out of my control and trust God, and by the time I finished writing the song it was birthed in me, and I could truly say I wasn’t worried about a thing! So, I feel God used the song to get to me as well to remind me that he is in control and just sit back and let him drive and enjoy the ride with him.


What do you think an upcoming gospel artist should do to be successful and unforgettable?

I believe to be successful and unforgettable in anything you do; let God work through you and don’t hinder what he is trying to do through you, because everything he does is amazing. God has a specific and peculiar thing he has instilled in all of us, and if we listen, take heed, and perform how he wants it to be done, It’s guaranteed success.



Erica and her Manager Will Thomas

You are additionally a motivational speaker, what topical areas do you focus on and do you have a specific age group you deal with?

I don’t necessarily have topics that I focus on or deal with a specific age group per say, but I do talk about my movement of being “Pretty N Radical”. Being “Pretty N Radical” is to love who God made you and how God made you, it’s to be pretty from within. I believe that is something that everyone can take from, no matter how old or young you are. “Pretty N Radical” is a reminder for those who may have forgotten their identity in Christ and what he said about them, or for those who don’t know they can understand that they are beautiful because God said they are. I love to empower people to be confident and unapologetic about who God has created them to be.

What does Pretty and Radical mean because we have seen it highlighted on your music video and some of your merchandise?

Pretty N Radical is a movement that I started it means to love who God made you and how God made you, it means to be pretty from within. God lives on the inside of you and he says the we are beautiful and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. God say’s these great things about us, but sometimes society’s standards can cloud our judgements of ourselves. It tricks us into thinking that we aren’t good enough or that were not beautiful, when God already told us that we are all of that and more. So, “Pretty N Radical” is just a reminder of that.


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What can you suggest as a recipe for raising strong and positively impacting leaders?

I would suggest that you pour the word into them and have them study different leader’s in the bible with those characteristics. Then show them that it is possible to live a holy lifestyle and it be fulfilling. It’s funny because I knew someone who is a great leader, but not spiritually but in general and before she became serious about her relationship with God she felt like she was giving up a fun life of going out drinking, but she will tell you that she gave up those things and gained so much more. She doesn’t drink anymore and she is using her influence for God and it’s a great thing.



What’s your take on the many murders that are being committed by the police on African-Americans and Africans in the USA and how should this be stopped?

It honestly breaks my heart so see such injustices. I believe that it has to be stopped through love and speaking up and sharing the truth. I believe that we have to remain united as a people regardless of our skin-color and be willing to address uncomfortable topics and learn how to love each other through these hardships.


How would you like to be remembered?

As an artist that connected with the soul. I want to be remembered as the artist who connected with each listener and drew them closer to God.


What should we expect from you in the next five years?

You should expect great music, life changing content and simply authentic art consistently. Expect that I will be a leader in Christian hip hop.



ERICA was a feature on DJ S-kam Zac’s highly celebrated AMEN IN HD MIX SERIES




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