Only for the Wise

Fools don’t fail. Coz fools don’t try
Losers don’t cry. Coz losers don’t love
Fools don’t pray. Not just coz it’s not wise

But wisemen pray. Coz through faith its a lot they realise…
Fools don’t hurt. Coz fools have shallow hearts
Fools don’t apologise. Coz fools have empty hearts
Fools too can smile. But a fools’ joy only lasts a while
But the wisemen seldom regret. Coz they know what to forget…

Fools don’t hope. Coz fools put their trust in luck
But wise men opt to prepare. For they never bank on luck
Fools don’t trust. Coz they lack and even often abuse trust
But the wise use & treasure trust. Coz they know its not a must…


Th’ Suspe©t

Kidron  Nabende Googo (Bachelor4Lyf)

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