Jona Kagimba-Five Plus Interview

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Jona Kagimba-Five Plus Interview

Jona Kagimba AKA JNK is a graphic designer and illustrator based in kampala Uganda who has been doing graphic design for the past 5 years and illustration for practically his whole life, he is most famed for being the guy that created the Golola Moses fever, he created the hitler video among other videos that went viral and also started a facebook page for golola that had thousands of people all posting funny things about Golola.Well we pride in having had a chat with him,hear what he had to say.

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Sooo,what does JNK stand for or its some super secret code?
I have always struggled to get a nickname or a signature or sorts.. most people have very cool signatures/code names… so i just used my initials… funny thing is JNK just flawed better than JK.. then i later realized i have an “N” name

Do you earn a living from animation or its just a hobby?
yes i fortunately earn a living from animation and illustration and its also a hobby… I am a full time graphic designer.

How long have you been animating and did you go to a multimedia school to attain this skill?
I have been drawing my whole life… but its only until i reached university that i decided to become professional about it and make some money.. I am self taught. everything i know about design is from the internet or try and error.

What’s your view on life and how should it be lived?
My view on life is very simple… wake up everyday and try to be better than you were yesterday… money shouldn’t be the only motivation for everything you do… success is alot of small things done well…. enjoy every victory no matter how small it is.

What moment would you regard as the best in your life?
I think my life in general is awesome.. its hard to pin down the “best moment” but gun to my head i would say the time we won the coca cola rugby 7s tournament when i was in high school.


2D versus 3D ,which of the two are you perfect at and which other skills do you have?
My 3d is really poor… i haven’t really focused on it.. yet… i would say my strongest skill is 2d illustration and animation.


What schools did you attend?
Primary i was at Lohana Academy ,O’ level i was at kabojja S.S, A’level i was at Makere college, University i was at Multi Media University Malaysia.

If you were the president of Uganda ,what would you change?
The list is endless but then main thing would be infrastructure .. the roads are terrible.. i think all development starts with good transport systems, roads, railway etc.

They say that artists are very poor at speech and can only speak through their work,is it true? Whats your take?
Hahaha this isn’t true… i think its just a poetic way of thinking.. people get satisfied with that notion because it justifies the artists creativity… personally i have no issue with speech.. i might not be out standing but im not bad either 🙂 .

Where do you envision your self in five years?
Well…. i dont like this system of setting goals.. like i mentioned earlier i prefer to take it day by day .. you dont set out to build a wall… you just say im going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be layed and soon you will have a wall… will smith said that .. not me 🙂 .

How would you like to be remembered?
As much as i love money and its one of my big motivators i dont want to be remember as a guy that made alot of money.. i want to be remember as a person that inspired others to chase their dreams.

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