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Apr 20, 2016
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Apr 22, 2016

Mary Nakawoza-Qn-Factfile

Mary Nakawoza, a June baby born into an amazing family with siblings worth dying for. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Financial Mathematics and Statistics from Uganda Christian University with a major in Mathematics and here are more facts about her.

Favorite Actor/Actress?

Fav actor/ actress, am kinda split here but Alex O’Loughlin,Dwayne Johnson& Paul Walker the late are a tie. Il take Lisa raye and Kerry washington for the women.

Best day of the week?


Candle light date or out with the girls?

I have to go with date. I’m a dinner & date kind of girl.

Favorite movie?

Am glad you said movie,am spoilt for choice when it comes to series but i love the Fast& furious movies.

Favorite perfume?

No specific perfume. I use this and that.

Favorite song?

Right now its Refuge by Pompi. Love this song

Memorable quote?

” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” Eleanor Roosevelt

Dream destination?

Funny but I want to go to Brazil & Mexico

Favorite book?

My Fav book is The Love Dare. So real and practical. I also love Joyce Meyer’s Me and my big mouth.

Best childhood memory?

Childhood memory is not too clear but i remember my dad once telling me I was a proverbs 31woman and he read it to me. I still remember the words & i received that upon my life.

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