Rebecca Nanjego-Five Plus Interview

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Rebecca Nanjego-Five Plus Interview

Rebecca Amy Nanjego is a third year student, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mass communication at Uganda Christian University(UCU). She has a passion for writing and communication and early this year, she offered to help with communication for Students for Global Democracy Uganda, a small Non Government Organisation (NGO)  in Kampala as a volunteer where she contributes to their facebook page and solely runs their twitter account (@sgfdug). She also contributes to the Assist Community Initiatives facebook account but majorly blogs for them.She also has skill in editing videos, she very recently concluded making a mini documentary for the ACI sponsorship program and she also runs her personal blog.We had a chat with her,see what she had to say.

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What words best express the true personality of who you are?

Accomodative and opionated

What’s your Education Background?

PLE- Hillside Nursery and Primary School, Naalya. U.C.E – St.Joseph’s S.S.S Naggalama. U.A.C.E- Our Lady of Good Counsel Gayaza. University- Uganda Christian University, still on going.

 What is your most vivid childhood memory of your future profession and are you on that path?

I recall spoiling my dad’s tapes to record myself talking like a radio presenter and singing. It wasn’t a suprise when I decided to pursue a degree in Mass Communication.

 Which icons do you look up to and why?

Seanice Kacungira because of her brilliant ideas and the way she expresses herself. Through her speech, she encourages every individual to believe in themselves and in my opinion that’s what each individual needs. 

 There’s a notion that if you want to hide anything from an African,put it in a book,what’s your take on this belief and what should be done to change this perception?

 It’s a cliche. It Probably made a lot of sense some years back. This is because as many white families taught their children how to read, African families concetrated on grooming their children into domestic activities. This notion has been challanged over the years. Many Africans have written books, many students graduate each year from higher institutions of learning  among others. 

Africans should be taught to believe in themselves through giving them examples of sucessful African writers among others.

 Given a chance to meet the president of Uganda,what would you tell him?

I would ask him to set a minimum wage and proper working conditions for journalists to prevent over exploitation that is on-going. 



Tell us more about your blog(“Theoratically speaking”) and why the choice of such a name?

I chose the name “theoraticallyspeaking” as a way to express my ideas even when they are not very pratical. 

 What is Global Democracy Uganda and why did you volunteer your services to them?

Students for Global Democracy Uganda is an NGO that deals with majorly the youth in various programs. I decided to volunteer my service to them because of a specific project that was against ethnic and religious tensions. I loved the cause and I wanted to be apart of it. 

 We information from a reliable source that you completed making a documentary,whatsit about and who is it for? 

I made two mini documentaries one about the ACI sponsorship program and the other about ACI Uganda income generating program. Below are the videos respectively.


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How would you like to be remembered? 

I would like to remembered as a person who stood by their word.

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