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Jun 27, 2013

Djs Communion-Club Alpha-Qn Events

Dont miss the biggest gospel music party,Djs Communion LIVE on  98.7 Alpha FM or via  internet stream @ The show will feature Mad mixing by the finest gospel deejays Jhoshu & S-kam Zac not […]
Jun 26, 2013

Martha Byoga – Five Plus

Martha Byoga is  a Poet, dancer and writer. She works with Open Mic Uganda as the Open Mic Fusion 360 show as a host and also as […]
Jun 26, 2013


14 REASONS TO TRASH VALENTINE’S DAY 1)      I am single, saved and not having sex. My chocolate comes out of my own pocket and the love […]
Jun 24, 2013

Nyonyozi – Five Plus Interview

Nyonyozi AKA Kimberly Katiti is a dynamic female rap artist, guitarist and songwriter from Uganda, Africa. Her unique blend of musical genres is drawn from her […]
Jun 20, 2013

How to Pass for an Artiste

You don’t just join this field fwaa. Many have tried, and they have failed… so they pull stunts that are close but are not the real […]
Jun 19, 2013

Open Mic Uganda – Five Plus Interview

Open Mic Uganda is a platform that promotes spoken word in Uganda. Their primary medium is poetry, which is done through shows staged monthly(that is, Open […]