Martha Byoga – Five Plus

Jun 26, 2013
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Jun 27, 2013

Martha Byoga – Five Plus

Martha Byoga is  a Poet, dancer and writer. She works with Open Mic Uganda as the Open Mic Fusion 360 show as a host and also as the PR. She is a dancer with Heart Of David DanCrew and currently she does most of her writing for her blog. She recently finished Law School and is currently involved in different project planning.

Martha Byoga

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Who is Martha Byoga AKA Maritza?

I have never really liked this question because I thought I’d never answer it right but here goes; Maritza is a 21 year old woman, about 5 feet 5, chubby cheeks, short hair, she is not a fun loving, people loving or dog loving person. Okay now seriously; I am a born again Christian, yes raised in a Christian home but being born again was my choice, a poet, dancer and soon to be actress and entertainment lawyer. I love theatre arts and anything that allows you to be someone else even for just five minutes. I am talented and a pretty good performer, I’m smart and I hope to use my big brains to make my big dreams come true. Maritza likes to laugh. A LOT! I can confidently say that I am goofy, it’s a great achievement for me when I know I made someone laugh today, whether it was because I said something funny or fell down the stairs I don’t care; I’m the reason they laughed today. My birth Certificate name is Martha Tabitha Kiconco Byoga, but I prefer to be called Maritza, unless I am in my law class trying to get everyone to take me seriously (then Martha is just fine). I am a loner but very outgoing and good with people when I need to be, yea I’m awesome that way. I am hard working most times and I like to help people that cannot help themselves. Maritza is a happy person, I try to be optimistic and a good citizen and neighbor (sometimes). I can also be very serious once in a while, other times every minute for me is play time; we know that as kids then somehow growing up we forget.

 Do you earn a living from poetry?

No, poetry does not pay bills. But that is one of my dreams. Poetry is a form of art like any other, I mean who knew that someday one would pay a lot of money to watch people put their all in trying to make them laugh, others even fail miserably. So just like comedy has been able to earn some people a living, I think poetry should and will too. I don’t do poetry for money, I’d do it for free my whole life if I had too, but I believe all artists need to be appreciated for what they do best.

 Is your personal experience or personality well described in the “14 REASONS TO TRASH VALENTINE’S DAY” poem and what inspired you to write it?

Not even close, okay I’ll admit just a little bit only because I can be real cynical sometimes but that’s just for entertainment’s sake. I have always been one of those people that just could not be bothered to celebrate Valentine’s Day; out of 365 days you choose only one to be treated like a princess HA! Plus it is blown out of proportion, which is exactly what I did in the poem I took some of the things that get to me about how people treat Valentine’s Day and blew them out of proportion. Yes, the world does need a day to celebrate love lest some people will completely forget about it. I am all for love and all the fuzziness and mushyness it comes with but if we’re going to do it let us do it right and not forget some of the people that really need to be shown love. You ever been to an orphanage on Valentine’s Day? Or even tipped that security guy a little extra? I also do not believe anyone should be alone; widowed, divorced, heart-broken to your soul, people should not give up on love. My ideal Valentine’s Day is sharing that love that I have with my partner with other people that may not be so lucky, shoot we can even take my single heart-broken friends out for a good treat. Love is a beautiful real thing; let’s not play and be fake with it.

What schools did you attend?

I started at New Field Nursery School, then I went to East Kololo Primary school for 2 years. There after we moved to Mbarara where I went to Mbarara Junior School for one term. We moved back to Kampala and I completed my P.3 and the rest of my Primary school at Kampala Parent’s School. For High School I was at Aga Khan High School Kampala for both O & A Level where I graduated with an ICE Certificate and an IB Diploma respectively. For University I was at Cavendish University Uganda for a Law Degree (LLB) which I finished in April this year. I hope to graduate in November 2013.

Are you single, dating or married?

“I am single saved and not having sex.” — from 14 Reasons To Trash Valentine’s Day, that part does have some truth.

What’s your perspective of life and where do you envision yourself in five years?

I think life is a playground; there’s people you can play with, there’s people that will elbow you to the ground, there’s a sand box where the person with the biggest castle rules and also someone who will kick your foundation down, there’s swings that take you so high you feel you’re flying until you put your feet back down on the ground and realize where exactly you are but no matter what happens at the playground, you still have a great time and cherish those moments that weren’t so bad. And when you go to bed, you still look forward to another day at the playground. That’s how I look at life.

In five years, wow where to begin; well I can’t really spill right now but I will paint a picture. If I had to be called up to a stage five years from now this is how I’d want to be introduced: “Ladies and Gentlemen, coming to the stage is a phenomenal woman, an amazing performer, script writer, producer, she has brought you some of the greatest plays, has worked with some great people around the world, put your hands together for the award winning multi-talented MAAAARRRRIIITTTZZZAAAA!!” By the way, I am not kidding.


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