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Jul 14, 2013

Mzungu Guide to Kampala, Issue 1

Howdy, and welcome to Kampala. I hope you had a great flight, or a series of great flights, depending on where you came from and how […]
Jul 10, 2013

Laura Byaruhanga

Meet Laura Byaruhanga a sensitive, confident, a lover of the arts, a great enemy of boredom, and loves pizza to death!not forgetting a director of Open Mic Uganda
Jul 10, 2013


INDESTRUCTABLE Break me Every little bit of me Smash my insides till they are lying in a pool Dripping into the abyss of my soul
Jul 2, 2013
Ivan Odongo-Qn-Quotes
“Making billions out of it would be really humbling, what would mean so much more to me, is to see become one gigantic online platform.” […]
Jul 1, 2013

Amin Swai-Five Plus interview

Amin Swai is the Founder of East Africa’s leading youth magazine, onSpot Magazine. He is also the Director of Aspire Youth International Limited and Managing Partner […]
Jun 28, 2013


DEEJAYING AND HOW TO BUY YOUR FIRST EQUIPMENT Most of us go out and party but some of us want to be the ones dropping those […]