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Aug 29, 2015

Richard Musinguzi-Creations-Qn Visualize

Richard musinguzi in plain simpliscity is an artist, his artistic creations range from architectural design, character animation to fine art. Most of you might have experienced his […]
Aug 29, 2015

Duncan Edeot-Creations-Qn Visualize

Duncan Edeot is an artist whose skillset streches from way back when he used to draw  cartoons make comic books about President Museveni and it was in 2005 […]
Aug 29, 2015

Jona Kagimba-Creations-Qn Visualize

Jona Kagimba AKA JNK is a Uganda based graphic designer and illustrator  with over 5years experience in illustration and below is some of his high quality work.
Aug 23, 2015


Dafari is a kenyan based Christian Dancehall artiste who has been in ministry for over eight years ,he is a CEO and music/video producer of K-Clip Media .Here […]
Jul 9, 2015

Annie the Dj-Qn-factfile

Annie wainaina AKA Annie the Dj is one of the finest Gospel female Djs from Kenya,annie is currently the only female dj for K-Krew a team […]
Jul 9, 2015

5 Facebook Hacks to Keep Your Data and Your Reputation Safe

Thinking of ditching your Facebook account? You’re in good company. A study fromCornell suggests that 33 percent of all Facebook users take periodic breaks from the […]