Only for the Conscious

Surrounded by foolery
A wise mind is a sanctum
Surrounded by evil & treachery
A schemer’s mind is a saint’s one…

In the land of the wise
An open mind is the best one
And in company of great thinkers
The humble mind is the blessed one…

Surrounded by many theories
A critical mind is a wise one
Surrounded by many opportunities
An aggressive mind sees the horizon…

Amidst too many opinions
A tolerant mind is a safe one
Against too many trials & temptations
I guess the cautious mind is a safe one…

In a world of so many religions
A conservative mind is the right one
Surrounded and threatened by hypocrisy
I guess, an honest friend is the best one…

Presented with many options
A critical mind is a safe one
And only in the eyes of simpletons
Is the conscious mind the stupid one…


Th’ Suspe©t

Kidron Nabende Googo (Bachelor4Lyf)

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