Duncan Edeot-Factfile

Rhoda Breeden Sentamu-Qn-Quotes
Dec 27, 2016
James Hasindihe-Success Tip
James Hasindihe -Success Tip
Dec 27, 2016

Duncan Edeot-Factfile

Duncan Edeot is an artist whose skillset streches from way back when he used to draw  cartoons make comic books about President Museveni and it was in 2005 when he first discovered the passion of portraiture.Here are some of other interesting facts about him.

Favorite song?  

At the moment, Loyal by Chris brown

Leisure Activities?

Watching movies and shooting pool.

Dream car?

A mini cooper & a roadster.

Best day of the week?


Worst cuisine?

Nouvelle & haute cuisines(both French).

Dream destination?  

Northern Lights Gazing in Finland.

Perception of life?

Life is like a roller coaster, everyone is scared of jumping on it, but they want to experience the fun it brings.

Favorite color?

red & black.

First thing you do when you wake up? 

I take a sip of whatever whiskey i was drinking the night before.

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