Juliet Nyakato-Five Plus Interview

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Nov 27, 2013
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Dec 9, 2013

Juliet Nyakato-Five Plus Interview

Juliet Nyakato is a poet, who luvs making friends,is Focused,Optimistic and happens to be a Law Student.We as the One Question Network pride in having had a chat with her over a cup of coffee,please follow the link and read her interview and poem.

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Who is Juliet Nyakato?

Happy,loving person

When did you start poetry and why?

In my senior five and i wanted to understand what poetry was about.

And wat was your discovery on poetry?

I discovered that it is the best way to express oneself

Really, How so?

It is about writing what you feel because the power is in your hands to speak,affirm,to share what you have with the world irrespective of status.

What do you do to earn a living?

Nothing currently i am a university student

Wow,so what course are you persuing and what previous schools did you go to?

I am persuing bachelor of laws and i was in Nabisunsa Girls Secondary school for my O and A level

Whats your view on Uganda’s Education system,is it relevant and can it guarantee jobs for the Youth?

Well it really needs to be worked on especially in terms of the subjects being taught to add value to it and it can’t  guarantee jobs because people are taught how to cram instead of understanding which encourages laziness hence i believe jobs are less.

Whats your take on the current impeachment of the Lord Mayor of Kampala City Erias Lukwago?

Well all i can say it portrays the ignorant minds we have in our society which is just causing more misery

Out with the girls or candlelite dinner ,wat suites you best and why?

Out with the girls because i like to enjoy my myself

What would Juliet Nyakato be like in 5years?

Hmmm….well someone who knows who she really is.

Any final remarks?

Appreciate and love yourself.


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