I See the Best

Golden jacket of hope,check
Diamond boots of confidence,check
One,two,three up,up and away,
I go!
I stand with this pumped up chest
Only because i see the best
At the top of my little bed
There is a better view of the world
People here are all smiles
Roses, daisies,lillies fill up cups
All day, all night
Grace lasts, beauty blasts.
No walls of tribulation
Just concrete towers of celebration
Forgiveness is the daily bread
Love is the flowing river
Hearts are the endless givers
Angels fall like rain
Passion generates ideas of high voltage.
From a distance i see that nature is the teacher of art.
Children roll on the beach all day
With sea shells and sand they play
As the sun sets away.
The stars in the frosty sky
Are always on guard.
Its just an amazing roller coaster
More like a morale booster
That even makes the devil go away
Less in this place,space is more.
This seems so Greek, i know
But still I stand with this pumped up chest
Only because i see the best.
That this world can give.

This Poem was authored Juliet Nyakato,READ HER FULL INTERVIEW

Juliet Nyakato

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