Entertainment and the Unknown

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Jun 5, 2013
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Entertainment and the Unknown

Music and its Effects on You

Entertainment is multifaceted with individual opinions. Almost everybody in this world is entertained in various ways depending on their sensory gifts, but we will put emphasis on music, whose tastes and preferences differ depending on the genre. This will definitely exclude the deaf and tone deaf(no offence). Music has its effects on everyone consciously or subconsciously meaning it can be energizing, uplifting, relaxing or, yes, depressing.

If we take a peek on various genres like Hip Hop(better known as Rap), Rock, Pop, Dancehall/Reggae/Ragga, Jazz, Electronic Dance Music(EDM), Indie and Country music to mention but a few, we will find that all have an effect on our audiitory senses sending good or bad messages which will impact how we live, the friends we make and vice versa. Some music genres like Hip Hop send out messages which could help or ruin part of us depending on how our subconscious mind deciphers based on the events occurring in our personal lives, giving us a certain true or false hope.

Music can be used as a catalyst for new ideas. As we listen and decode from different genres, we get to learn different things and adapt to certain trends, subconsciously becoming open minded and exposed. Looking at a rare genre like brainwave entrainment (precaution on this one) used in hypnosis and auto suggestion techniques, one will send certain signals and subliminal messages that will indirectly influence the mind to whatever choice they may make hence visualizing a brighter future or mutating into a cuckoo, choice is yours. Brainwave entrainment is sometimes dangerous and effects may not be pleasant for rookies(this is a very serious warning since you are not supposed to operate any machinery while under the influence of this type of music or sound). Symphonic music has also had numerous harmonic effects on people, since most people who operate under it tend to score highly in any given field. Ask me and I will tell you more(Twitter, @diaz007).

On the other hand, Hip and Rock have put 80% of its content and emphasis on drugs, sex, nudity and violence but bringing in lots of revenue and baking overnight millionaires, but also breeding protests from “sane” parents who do not agree with its negative side. The subliminal messages embedded in the music videos are appalling but somewhat simpatico by media preference, since most of us “humans” are sexual beings hence influencing how we express ourselves. Today you can tell someone’s lifestyle, emotional intelligence(EQ) or mood by the type of music they are listening to, unlike way back in the day when you had to look into their trash cans or garbage bins… I don’t mean the scavenging part!

On a regional basis, every territory or country has a style of music, market and effects on whoever is listening, depending on how they choose to interpret it and who happens to be playing it, from a deejay in a club or pub, iPod to a radio station. Some music will hit the charts with a bang and hold ground while some will simply diminish into oblivion, depending on how it influences the interested parties. Some locations will possess music with mild sense and portions of negativity also known as “beef” that indirectly influences and plays a significant role on our minds, since you may find some artistes bragging or bickering about their meager achievements or petty ambitons with “bumpkinish” style so that you have no choice but to elevate your mood with the beat and later use this music to relate to a situation, especially one that calls for rivalry, as we shall look at some in the free mixtape available for download. All you have to do is to listen.

(This piece of writing comes with a free mixtape to relate. Oh, I see you love free stuff you cheap readers, and you will have many of those since the best things in life are for free and easy to download. Christmas will come early and free every fortnight with a free mixtape and article. Of course the article is always free though you get to pay for the internet bundle you use).

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Play List:

  1. Sophisticated lady (Remix) – John Michael feat. Talib Kweli
  2. Pass Out – Tinie Tempah
  3. Fully Loaded  – Verse Simmonds
  4. Rihanna_-_No_Love_Allowed (Rmx)
  5. Don’t Pass Me By  – Marcus Canty
  6. Featuring You – Big Time Rush
  7. Nicki  – Rob (of One Chance)
  8. Bum Bum – Dawn Richard
  9. Can’t Believe It   – Latif
  10. Let The Blunt Go – Chris Brown feat. Problem
  11. Coccidiosis  – Bebe Cool
  12. Magnetic – Radio And Weasel
  13. Off Da Beach (instrumental)
  14. Junior Sky – Come To Me
  15. Dance For Me – Sasha
  16. Tom Tom – Justin Garner
  17. #1 – Karl Wolf feat. Demarco
  18. Midnight City – M83


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