Allen Majara-Five Plus Interview

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Jun 7, 2013
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Jun 14, 2013

Allen Majara-Five Plus Interview

Meet Allen Majara, the gospel artiste whose career is blossoming everyday. She has just released a fantastic video, Mukama Mulisa, which has received acclaim for “best and clearest gospel music video in the land”, which just shows that she is taking giant strides as regards to her career. Besides her music, she is also working with Uganda Telecom. And besides all that, she took time off to grace The One Question Network with her presence.

Allen Majara

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Introduce yourself to the world. Tell us more about yourself.
Allen Majara is multi-gifted, corporate, professional, award-winning gospel and inspirational artiste.

Before you joined the gospel music industry, what were you doing? 
I was working with Uganda Telecom and still there, also working on a number of charities and counselling projects.

Why did you decide to go into gospel music? 
I am a born again Christian, and it is an opportunity to spread the love of God and impact people’s lives positively.

We have seen gospel musicians doing music collabos with secular artistes. Is there a problem with this?
There should not be a problem. It depends on one’s conviction or belief, as well as the content and impact spiritually. I am also working on one with Grace Nakimera, Juju, Sharon Paech and Nabweru Parents School.

What is your take on the negative effect of the limelight on one’s private life?
One needs to manage or find a way round it, depending on the choices that have been made. We all know everything has two sides, the good and the bad.

You are a musician. What are the benefits that come with it?
Music is a powerful force that catches our souls, alters our moods and represents who we are. As such, the benefits list is endless. However, being able to touch people’s lives positively and draw the;m closer to God are key. Also, the satisfaction of doing what God called me to do. Sometimes one gets to be rewarded financially, to mention but a few.

Are you running any projects parallel to your career right now? How do you cope?
Yes. I work with Uganda Telecom, and I’m also doing different inspirational productions. I have learnt to strike a balance. Thankfully most of the music-related activities are not within my office work schedule.


What has been the highlight of your music career so far? 
In chronological order from the latest, having my song Mukama Mulisa at Number 1 twice on the prestigious HiPipo Charts, being nominated for and performing the Best Reggae Song, HiPipo Music Awards 2013, winning Best Reggae Artist, Olive Gospel Music Awards 2012, singing at a National Prayer Breakfast in the presence of the President, performing at Kirk Franklin’s show in Uganda and launching my debut album, Afaayo, in 2009.

And how has this changed your life?
The change is great but I’ll mention a few. I’m humbled and more thankful to God every day that passes by in worship. I have grown spiritually. I have learnt to work harder, persist, be patient and aim higher, not forgetting, I seek God more.

Who has been the greatest force of encouragement in your life?
The Almighty God. I also have a few key people around me who have played a big role.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Being one the most sought after gospel musicians who is touching the lives of people and impacting them positively, a role model for many and household name representing our Lord Jesus Christ and Africa to the world.


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