A day in the life of DEEJAY

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A day in the life of DEEJAY


These conversations that start my day are bound to give me a heart attack some day soon! Okay, maybe its not that extreme but lawd!!! I just doesn’t get old.

This morning I had one of those shocking yet hilarious conversations with a person who just found out I do a radio show albeit once a month.

There was that momentary confusion in which I got labelled a deejay by virtue of my relationship with the seat behind the mic. It was a really awkward moment for me because my interpretation of the word is so different and I had assumed everyone understands it the same way.

So I refused to be labelled a deejay and take credit for the work these ninjas do behind the wheels of steel.

I thought I’d check out the definition of the word Deejay will help put it in perspective.

Over the years, deejaying has evolved into quite the sophisticated art. It has nothing to do with randomly queuing up songs in your media player- anyone can do that.

The ability to muster the art of deejaying cannot just be taken lightly so as to label anyone a deejay. There is so much involved- there’s even particular software to use and I know you’re thinking Virtual DJ but it’s more than that. You do not wake up overnight and you can deejay, it’s a long, tedious learning process.

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Software aside, hardware which is pretty expensive is also involved(read decks, turntables). Now, reconciling the software with hardware is the true mark of a deejay.

I have encountered a few deejays on a very personal level and have come to appreciate what it takes –the process of deciding on theme for a set and how the beginning song is so important it dictates the direction the rest of the set takes.

Yo! Its bloody! Okay maybe I’m being dramatic or whatever but these individuals invest so much in their trade for a non deserving person to just show up and take credit.

So over the next few days, I will take some time to write a tribute in honour of these brave, hardworking individuals.

Get ready to enter a world you did not know existed!

Jessica Layado
Jessica Layado
Jessica is a passionate reader, writer and poet with an insatiable love for information acquisition. She is a lover of life, people, books and God. She also doubles as a Special needs teacher who is as passionate about seeing her children get better as she is about pushing them towards their purpose in life. She is the type of feminist who believes in complimentary societal roles of men and women geared towards bettering the world. Her zest for life is contagious: lover of life, you would call her a lifer.