Lodges In Uganda That You Need To Visit

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Lodges In Uganda That You Need To Visit

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If you are among the many people who take weekends away from Kampala to visit some of the hidden wonders far away from the fast life of the city, or maybe you are new in the country and on a sojourn through Uganda; these are some of the lodges you should make sure you at least book a night. But since most of them are really hospitable you might have to stay longer than expected.

Lodges and hotels are quite similar because both provide accommodation/ food to their guests but the biggest difference is that the former tends to have less rooms compared to hotels, and in most cases found in parks although in Uganda, some are not.

Arcadia Lodges

One of the newest in the market, but still top when it comes to what the customers want with prices which don’t leave your wallet wanting. There are two arcadia lodges of which both are strategically located in two of the best and scenic destinations in the country. Arcadia Lodge Lake Mburo is located in the vast Lake Mburo National park right on the shores of Lake Mburo, with beautiful forest walks. On the other hand, Arcadia Lodge Lake Bunyonyi can be found right on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi with beautiful views of the many islands lazily swimming through the lake. All the arcadia lodges have rooms and cottages with on call staff ready to give you an adventure of a lifetime.

Mweya Safari Lodge

There is a way this lodge stands out beautifully in proximity to some of the best views in Queen Elizabeth National Park; crater lakes, beautiful hills, and wild animal treks which include lions, buffalo, giraffe, crocodiles, and elephants among others. Mweya has a pool that overlooks the lake, a fitted wellness center with professional staff and the rooms have a rustic feel to them; which you can book for as low as UGX 720, 000 resident price.

Primate Lodge Kibale

Maybe you have never heard of this one, but Primate Lodge Kibale seems to be a hidden hideaway for some the stars who visit Uganda, and want to relax as well as go chimpanzee trekking in the Kibale Forest National Park. With attractive facilities that avail you with camping space and rooms you can book for as low as UGX 283,000, the lodge recently made it as #16 on Essence Magazine’s black owned hotels, resorts, and bed & breakfasts.

The Kipling Lodge

Deep in the heart of Jinja on your way to Kangulumira is a little haven perched on a cliff over the roaring falls of the Nile. Barely two years old, The Kipling Lodge has become one of the most sought after properties on Jumia Travel. Made up of cottages scattered all over, the property can be booked for as low as UGX 375, 000 with the pool as a centerpiece or the open massage foyer where you can view the Nile while your body receives the therapy it needed. The lodge organises boat rides on the Nile and upon request you can yourself into a white water rafting excursion and even bungee jumping.

Lodge Bella Vista

Right over the Nyamiteza crater lake in Kabarole district is where you go when you have a long and lazy holiday so that you can take in all the beautiful views around you every morning. The lodge was built on top of one of the ridges that surrounds the crater. Just in the distance you will see the big Rwenzori mountains towering off in the clouds, beckoning you to go for a climb up the peaks. You can book a stay at the Bella Vista for as low as UGX 233, 000 resident fee.

Paraa Safari Lodge

Owned by Marasa, this lodge is one of the top luxury lodges in Uganda with rooms that can be booked for as much as UGX 661, 000; it gives you a peak of comfort in the wild. Paraa is located in Murchison Falls National Park, where elephants lazily cross through the forests and beautiful views of the Nile so close you can here Murchison falls roaring in a distance at night.

Kyaninga Lodge

They couldn’t have picked a better and more stunning location for this lodge. Standing over the calm and beautiful Kyaninga crater lake in Fort Portal, the Kyaninga lodge will give you a sense of paradise with its cottages spread out on hilly ground; each with a view of the lake is perfectly gorgeous. The lodge is well equipped with a spa and a vast pool to relax you through your stay and when you want to go for a night around Fort Portal town maybe tour the palace or visit the “Amabeere Ga Nyinamwiru” caves there are cars available including a helipad.

The Rainforest Lodge

Located deep in the heart of the Mabira Forest, the rainforest lodge lives up its name, enveloped in canopies of thick trees that are over hundreds of years old.  The lodge fits in with its earthy and rustic designs which were planned to flow with the beauty of the Mabira. Mabira is one of the biggest forests in Uganda and home to over 80% of Uganda’s bird species which makes it ideal for the the best birding experience and forest treks. Any nature lover would fall deeply for this lodge which is a 15 minute drive from the Nile and an hour or so to Kampala.

The above named lodges are not listed in any particular order, but are among the many beautiful lodges available across Uganda.

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