Amen in HD 22-JANNOWORRY Edition

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Jan 11, 2017
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Jan 18, 2017

Amen in HD 22-JANNOWORRY Edition

AMEN IN HD 22,HeeSun Lee

I would like to welcome you to the new year (2017) with the Amen in HD 22 JAN-NO-WORRY Edition that is crafted on Nehemiah 8:10.

The Featured artist for the Amen in HD 22 is none other than HeeSun Lee. HeeSun Lee isn’t your average Hip Hop emcee. Put up for adoption in her native Korea at the age of four months, she was brought to America and raised by Chinese parents on Staten Island, NY. As a teenager, she became a fan of Hip Hop acts ranging from Lauryn Hill and Will Smith to Tupac Shakur. All of Lee’s diverse experiences have fused to create the illuminating backdrop for her sophomore CD Stereotypes that released on iTunes and other retail outlets on January 21, 2014. It placed #7 on iTunes Christian/Gospel Charts and #24 on Billboard Christian Gospel. Lee’s story is unique in that she credits not only her faith but also Hip Hop for saving her life. “Hip Hop saved me from a lot of things,” she confesses


The Featured songs on the mix from HeeSun Lee are :

  1. All Out, Feat . Ted Smith
  2. Life is Too Short
  3. Turn Me Around, Feat.Mia Hunt

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