Daniel peter weke-Five Plus interview

Mar 13, 2014
Jona Kagimba-Five Plus Interview
Apr 1, 2014

Daniel peter weke-Five Plus interview

Daniel Peter Weke is a normal, humble individual and an ambition chaser, who happens to be a student in the United States International University(USIU),an  MC, business man owning an events company (RedLiquid Entertainment) and to mention but a few an actor who starred in the Kenyan based Mali drama alongside Brenda wairimu (Lulu) as Arthur her a baby brother.

He has Faced hurdles  of life like any other normal boy which had him  doing activities like selling mobile phones to other students, being a school cobbler to make extra money to top up pocket money, doing taxi / car hiring services and events work and that inspired him to start an events company with his uncle called Red Liquid Entertainment while still in his Form one in Uganda .We took the pleasure to have a chat with him , see what he has to say.

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Who is Daniel Peter Weke?
Daniel Peter Weke is a normal, humble guy and an ambition chaser. A student in the United States International University(USIU),an actor, MC, a business man owning an events company (RedLiquid Entertainment), a child rights activist, a mentor, Klad House ambassador, Social Marketer, Events promoter amongst other things including ambition to join radio and TV show hosting beyond the Kenyan borders. I am half Rwandese/Ugandan/Kenyan but a Full Kenyan citizen.

What schools did you go to?
ummmmm… for my primary, i went to Kenyan schools i.e. Elite Primary, Milumani Grammar School. Secondary/High school went to St. Josephs Naggalama and St.Kalemba Nazigo in Uganda.And currently in USIU

How did you get the role on the Mali Drama?
I auditioned by the way like any other person.. wasn’t sure about it though at first because i was not really into acting but my “risk taking” behaviour led me there after being coached by the great Lenny Juma.

What was the experience like of working with Lulu (Brenda wairimu) and how is her personality/character off set?
it was quite an honour working with her considering she was an actress way before me. She’s a young mind and full of talent so that motivated me to work even harder on the set.Off set despite the assumptions that she’s spoilt… she’s a very caring person and always wants the best for all… coz she kept pushing me (together with my set mum Usha) coz they saw something in me.


What’s your view on the current state of the movie industry with relation to Africa and what can be done to better improve it?
ummmm… i havent done or interacted with other movie industries in Africa but i will relate to the daily movie atmosphere anywhere. Africa movie industry is growing, rapidly but it does not have the adequate cushioning it deserves. More funds should be allocated to it, participants in the industry especially actors should have the required/desired pay which is not the case.
Look at international actors who have value for the roles they are playing. I think the African culture needs to start recognizing the movie world as a serious profession just like any other.

We hear that your linked to a firm called Red Liquid Entertainment, is it true, if so, tell us more about it?

owwwwwe…. soo you already know!!!!!…. well yes i am. It’s an events company dealing with corporate functions, exhibitions/ trade fairs, weddings, launches, luncheons e.t.c.
I am the events manager though i co-own it with my uncle who runs it since my schedule does not allow me full participation.


What do you think are qualities of a good leader and do you believe that many of Africa’s problems are because of poor leadership?
A good leader necessarily has to have the many leadership qualities that scholars have talked about but the key question should be which leadership style is the best? Transformational or transactional? And i would go with transformational leadership style.
Well…i personally think that the basic cause of Africa’s problems is we the citizens who choose ineffective leaders. Coz what happens is that bad leaders will always make bad decisions which will cause the ripple effect that Africa is facing.. I’m not saying good leaders will change everything to perfect conditions but at least the rate would decrease. Same thing if you put the wrong engine oil in a car…it will move for an insignificant distance then render stagnant. Same thing to leadership, a bad leader will propel you just for a short while then make everything stagnant with the bad decisions.

As Kenya Celebrates fifty years, what would like to tell all the Kenyans and its friends?
Kenyans have to embrace and appreciate the fifty years of independence and sole existance. We have come a long way and faced hurdles but the major reason we Kenyans should celebrate is that we still move on and WE ARE ONE.
In addition, we should also speculate where we need to see this country in the next 50 years. So that those who will be there will have something to celebrate.

What’s your average day like?
Waking up at 6am, small workout to keep fit, no breakfast, 9am, school and when free attend to business meetings and affairs, interviews etc. By 5pm i usually like being free so that i go practise for soccer since im now in a soccer team called Tandaza.
7pm, I’m back in the house looking at my social sites and responding to my fans.. 9pm i do my school assignments.
10pm I’m asleep (hopefully) which is normally not the case. On acting days the schedule changes since I’m on set the whole day while shooting. And on serious hustle days it’s a sequence of spontaneous activities.

How would you like to be remembered?

Any final remarks?
yuuuup…would say a lot here but then…
1. I thank all who have supported me especially my fans.
2. Let no one demoralize your ambitions. You are in charge of your own path so plaster the road well.



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