Brenda Wairimu – Five Plus Interview

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Jul 14, 2013
Jul 17, 2013

Brenda Wairimu – Five Plus Interview

Many call her Lulu, because of the character she played in Mali, for which she was awarded Best Female Actress, while others call her Dallah after her character in Shuga. Her real name, though, is Brenda Wairimu. She is an actress, model and humanitarian. Besides your TV screen, she has appeared on a host of magazines, including Salon, Insyder, Love, Drum ,New York’s Dream Big & Swaggo. Read on below to find out more about this Kenyan TV sensation, only on The One Question Network


Brenda Wairimu

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You term your modeling career as “a fluke” why is that?
Because it wasn’t planned at all, I only took a friend to get his pictures taken and ended up getting convinced to try it too. I never once imagined I could be a model before that.

When did you start acting?
About two and a half years ago.

What was the experience like when you were shooting Mali?
It was always so much fun, even on long stressful shoot days. It can get crazy, we suffer sleep deprivation at times, but it’s all for the love of the job. I got to learn something new every day, made it all worth it.

What TV projects have you been a part of?
Well, I have been part of three projects. In Changing Times, I played Sharriffa, a young not-so-well-off student trying to fit in with her posh ‘friends’. Then I was cast as Lulu in Mali where my character was dealing with losing her father, love, family wrangles and drug abuse, all the while trying to ‘find herself’. I was also cast in MTV’s Shuga Love Sex Money, where I played Dallah, a young carefree spirit, blinded by love and making mistakes because of it. I am currently part of a new M-net production, but I cannot disclose much about the show now. It has all been such a blessing.

Do you feel that you can influence positive change in the community? How have you achieved this?
I think anyone with the right motivation and mindset can do so. I pray that I can, I have started a small initiative dubbed ‘Cool 4 School’ where we try and help kids best we can. It has several smaller initiatives around it where we do a number of things from providing needy girls with re-usable sanitary towels, computers to less privileged pupils so they can learn basic computer skills to allow them compete with the rest at same level field.  I am also working on a health project for kids called Generation O2 (Generation Oxygen) where we create awareness on the importance of good health habits at an early age to create little health ambassadors, currently working on a TB program in rural areas. In Generation O2 we also visit sick children in hospitals, children’s homes and helping where we can , one such was the ‘Beat Cancer Fun Day’ where I and several local celebrities and well-wishers visited the children’s cancer ward in KNH. I hope to be able to do so much more, to make a sure mark in children’s lives, just to make the world a little better for the tiny angels.

What inspired you to start Cool for School and a what does it mainly do?
I had visited a school where we had gone to donate some computers to the students. I got to interact with the girls in the school, and one of their main concerns was that they kept missing school whenever they got their period, due to lack of sanitary towels, it was heartbreaking, and sad that this is happening still even in this day and time all over Kenya, and even the world. That’s how it all began

Whom do you regard as a cornerstone in your life and has molded your career ?
I always rely mainly on myself for most support. I just would rather not burden anyone with something I can try sort out myself. However, my family and friends have always lent me an ear whenever I needed it, and I hope I always do the same for them. I cannot pick one career molder, all the production houses, producers, directors who believed enough in me to cast me in my roles have helped me get where I am. All the actors I have been privileged to work with have allowed me to learn from them, all that is priceless. 

How hard is it being Brenda Wairimu?
Well, unless it’s on my professional work, I try to keep a low profile, so I can’t say it’s hard, but it’s not easy either! Constantly being in the limelight, having everything you do scrutinized… it keeps you on your toes, which isn’t really a bad thing, is it?

Watch her video “Being Brenda”

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 If you were given one wish to meet and talk to someone, who would it be and what would you tell them?
My father. I would tell him all the things I know I should have when I had the chance.

What do you love to eat?
I LOVE coastal cuisine, Indian, Chinese, anything with cheese!

What’s your dream destination and why?
Goodness, I could never pick just one. Hong Kong, Indonesia, Greece… I want to experience the world!

Have you ever been to Uganda?
I have never been to Uganda, I’m so ashamed! I would love to visit before the year ends.

Whom would you like to work with in Uganda?
I am currently in a new M Net show with Cleopatra who was in Last Kind of Scotland and would definitely love to work with more from Uganda!

Are you married, dating or single?

For people aspiring to be like you, what’s your word for them?
Believe, begin, and become! Work hard because it really does pay.


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