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Most of us go out and party but some of us want to be the ones dropping those cool tunes and getting all the freebies that come with it like talking to the coolest lads, celebrities, girls and the Cash. To be a good Dj, you must first understand the concept of Djing then LOVE it and this includes buying the RIGHT equipment.

I will take you through some of the steps of how to buy the right Dj gear then show you how to be in SYNC in the next article. The most important thing here is to get the concept but if you do not extrapolate please relax since anyone can be a Dj (Disk Jockey) or “Turntablist” (one uses turntables to scratch or manipulate records back and forth) if they love and understand the do and don’ts in this fluid industry.

First of all, Deejaying or Djing is the art of playing recorded MUSIC for an audience using a laptop, turntables, disk players or EVEN an iPod depending on your preference.

There are several types of Djs; Radio Djs play or select MUSIC broadcasted on FM/AM stations or internet radio while Club Djs play music in Night clubs, Pubs or discotheques and Rave Djs PLAY music at Concerts and raves or even stadiums. We also have Scratch/Hip Hop Djs who play music THROUGH manipulating it to create percussive sounds through native instruments and scratching (moving the record back and forth- we will get there at a later stage/next article, am still writing) lol. The bedroom/MIXTAPE Djs usually have their set ups at home and make mix tapes or podcasts for sale or free distribution to friends/FOLLOWERS. However in reggae, a Dj is a vocalist who raps/charts over prerecorded rhythms while the individual choosing or playing them is referred to as “selector” while Mobile Djs travel with portable sound systems and play recorded music at a variety of events… (


So my dear readers, now you know which DJ you want to be, yeah? Remember, they all use equipment and have their reasons for using that particular gear and it is not about the MONEY but the love and if you are in it for MONEY then you are ill-fated or try betting. I will now focus on the equipment bit. “you reap what you sow”- unknown, Bible, Quran and all the books or sources that say lol meaning the choice of equipment will either break you or make you. Deejaying does not come cheap especially when it comes to buying equipment. The CHEAPER you are the WACKIER you are going to be meaning your skill set will SUCK-period.

Equipment varies depending on the manufacturers out there but I would recommend a few like Pioneer, Rane, Abletton and Technics products for reliability depending on what you intend to do. As you buy Dj equipment depending on your intentions, remember that the software world has taken over and this will require you to upgrade both hardware and software meaning you will have to SPEND therefore you need a WAD of CASH. I recommend and put EMPHASIS on research especially the type of equipment you want to buy and the type of Dj you want to be since the professionals did or still do the same, reason being VALUE. I bought my first Dj gear (PionnerCDJ400, DJM400 pioneer Dj mixer, Sony Dj headphones Rane SL3 hardware and a Laptop) in 2010 then I home schooled myself for a year and a half before I started gig “hunting.”

When deciding to buy this equipment, you need to consider shipping costs and taxes in some areas but this can be avoided if you declare your Dj gear as personal/home use, ship it through friends in bits or carry it as hand luggage.

Before you buy anything else, HEADPHONES are a MUST. Headphones are equivalent to underwear, sanitary towels, toilet paper in a bizarre running stomach scenario happening in a public/street toilet and you get the drill, right. Headphones help you sort your music before you cast it out there at a gig or event meaning if you do not have them chances of you messing up are 60% and you are going to get shafted and we all know what that means. Once you get screwed on your gig then chances of you getting booked become SLIM. Since HEADPHONES are the “numero uno” of your gear, I will present the following REQUIREMENTS (Dj Equipment you need):

  • HEADPHONES (get a good brand like SONY, PIONEER, TECHNICS, BEATS BY DRE/DJ EDITION…list is endless but avoid “knock offs” by buying from legit dealers)
  • MICROPHONES (you know what this is for, right?…lol)
  • A pair of TURNTABLES OR MIXABLE CD PLAYERS (Technics, Pioneer, and Vestax products will get the job done. Turntables do not come with accessories like needles, head shells and slip mats. You buy them separately. I recommend SHURE products for needles and head shells)
  • LAPTOP (if you intend to use software then an apple MacBook pro will do but if your pockets quiver then any brand with high end specs will do)
  • SERATO RANE, TRACTOR or VIRTUAL Dj software and Hardware products will do if you are the geeky, trendy and a Dj software fun but come at cost…nothing below $800.
  • A TWO CHANNEL MIXER (for starters I would recommend a DJM400 or Technics two channel “Dj Battle” mixer with a curve option/button)
  • POWER EXTENSION (YOU will have to plug your gear into this one to get them powered)
  • FLIGHT CASE OR BAG (you need to transport your gear safely and protect it from elements and shock).

Remember; buy genuine Dj gear from legit or certified dealers to avoid embarrassment, disappointment and disorientation at an important gig. Take your time and buy the RIGHT gear, patience pays. For more help on the products, check out>> (

Thanks for reading, now DOWNLOAD a FREE MIX and enjoy.

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