Beacon of Hope

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May 4, 2017
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May 9, 2017

Beacon of Hope

Eyes clouded in darkness, alone he stands
Steel swords ravage his body but alas it still hasn’t shone
Kinsmen scream in agony names of loved ones
His knees weaken as life’s essence drips onto his muddy boots
He must endure this or it will all be lost

Why do you fail me oh strength of my youth
With his left arm his raises his body off the ground
I will become that which I wait for
I will suffer him no-longer says one

Suddenly silence consumes his being
On his back he saw it as he faded into darkness
The beacon lit up the sky and the smiling corpse of the fallen general
And there was hope once more in the desolate land

David Musoke
David Musoke
David is a celebrated developer with unique skills and abilities that set him apart from his peers. His fascination with Artificial Intelligence has been the driving force behind numerous R&D.