Tomorrow in History

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May 27, 2013
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Jun 5, 2013

Tomorrow in History

And it came to pass in those days that a certain generation of the populace of the ancient city Kampala, that city of old, were the preponderance ones. That city Kampala that even aliens from far away lands spoke about with a verve so potent, they were citizens.

And they cared not for the days ahead, for they said to amongst themselves and in their hearts, we are infantile and bursting with life. So they lived life large and fed on entire species until they were no more. And wines and all manner of spirits did they swill, for such had become their way of life.

And it came to pass that the generation that bore them passed on, and all the ancient scrolls of knowledge with them. And a dark shadow fell across the land, and that time came to be known “The Genesis the Days of Strife”. For there was nothing and no one to look up to for guidance.

And it came to pass that an abysmal famine struck the land. And the expanse that was before them lay in bare and in utter desolation, for none among them was skilled in the things of their forefathers before them. And they bickered among themselves, and blamed life saying, it was not fair. However it was to be known that this had continually been their dictum.


And the populace were distraught. And the lesser ones in society suffered the utmost, and the more privileged thrived off the backs of their slaves. And trade became an arduous matter, and bread was in exchange for vital body organs. This epoch came to be known as the “Dank Ages”, for nothing under the skies thrived. And there was no hope amongst the inhabitants.

Or so it seemed, for out of the desolation arose a race of super ninjas that did not want to know that shizzo anymore. And they got off their backsides, and went out into the land and forged with their bare hands, and with the sweat of their brow, a future that they would sadly not be a part of.

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