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Suz eye-Five Plus Interview

Suzanne Mwathi AKA Suz-eye  ,a christian raggae and dancehall artiste born and raised in the heart of Kenya ,Nairobi, known to many as the warrior lioness due to  her zealousness and passion on what she does, she started music at a tender age having sung in her home school and also church. Suz-eye started to participate in the music arena through music festivals with her school where she got to showcase her talent in the schools talent shows and music festival and emerging the best among her peers.

She kept singing and writing new songs and during one of her performance a local producer spotted her and asked her if she would mind coming and listening to His artiste song and put a chorus to it without hesitation she did and this was the beginning of her musical career.

In 2006 a local producer from one of the best production house ( Phat Eternal Records) heard the song on which she had done the chorus and asked her to come to the studio he had something he would love her to work on. It was here that her first ever song was recorded. The song was later released in 2007 having immense airplay both locally and international radio stations in the Caribbean islands, Costa Rica, New York and getting to feature in the charts both locally and internationally.

This led to her nomination for the song in the country’s Kisima Awards 2009 an award ceremony that recognizes artiste hard work under the category of best reggae/ragga song of the year.

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How do you describe yourself?

A child of God royalty in her blood line. A simple empress living out her purpose, which is serving God through what HE has placed and pressed in my heart that is music to reach and teach the nations.

What type of music do you do and when not doing music what other income generating activities do you carry out?

Gospel reggae/ dancehall music and when am not doing music that takes a major part of me am out teaching and working.

What was your first stage experience like?

First experience was a really interesting one, had never seen so many eyes look at me all at once it took a while before I could gather the courage and put my words together and actually start singing and do what I was called to do.



 Which personalities do you regard as the molders of who you are currently and why?

 My parents they have helped shape up my walk with Christ since was a child and have taught me the importance of different things in life and pressing on through it all and above all nothing comes above God and nothing is more important than HIM.

Have you ever traveled to Uganda and which artistes from Uganda would you like to work with?

Yes I have been to Uganda. There are many talented artiste in Uganda that have great music and doing great work that i would love to work with  in Uganda so pin pointing out one would be hard.

What would be your best advice for an upcoming artiste?

Put God first in all and believing in what He Has placed in your heart will keep u going even when others see it as impossible it will be possible. God above all.

What’s your average day like?

Starts out early with my morning devotion as the first thing, once that’s done i kick in my breakfast as I set out for the day’s plan. Most day is spent teaching and if not teaching am busy learning new art that will take major part of the day. Once teaching is done set out for studio to do voice over’s, back ground vocals that need me to do then once done work on few of my musical projects. When finished with studio that ends late in the evening I rush home not to miss out on the family devotion that marks a close of the day.

What’s your favorite cuisine?

Ugali, Sukuma and Meat J

If you were given 2 Minutes with the current President of the Republic of Kenya, what would you tell him?

There a lot of things to say that 2 minutes wouldn’t be enoughJ, but would majorly speak on the musical perspective where music in the country should be taken serious and viewed as a career just like any other and strong measures put to support the artiste and their art to avoid being misused.

What schools did you attend and is the current education system really relevant and can it combat the unemployment levels?

Attended primary school at Langata West primary, did my High school education at Muslims Girls high school and my degree at Kenya Methodist University. Education is relevant as it teaches one basic knowledge though the education system needs to be revised to come up with ways to teach not just how to be employed but how to also create employment. It also should create a system where it embraces technical skills as important ones too.

What should we expect from you in 2014 by the way how did you usher into 2013?

 Expect some new anointed spirit filled music, videos and tours. I ushered the New year in the presence of God in my Church

This is totally off the record, do you know Dj S-kam Zac?

Haven’t met Him personally though from few interactions I can tell he is a man with the love of music and working to spreading the gospel through music. A young man totally passionate for Christ.

Any final remarks?

God above all, there is nothing as great as serving Him Psalms 84:11

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