Dec 28, 2016

We are all the same but different

When you grow up, you want to be classified as a grown up. No? I reckon that’s by far, the biggest lie of our existence because […]
Dec 24, 2016

Mentorship is a Hoax!

I have had a number of experiences with potential mentors and have almost reached the conclusion that it’s all a very big hoax! There is no […]
Nov 15, 2016

Beauty is only Skin deep

“Beauty is only skin deep! No one cares if you’re beautiful on the inside, that’s not what hooks people. you gotta make an effort to first […]
Nov 5, 2016

We are powerless over our emotions

I have heard people say we are powerless over our emotions. This does not resound with me. I admit there are so many things I feel […]
Nov 1, 2016

5 Reasons why Apples are a perfect pick

Can an apple a day really keep the doctor away? For thousands of years, many cultures have valued apples for their medicinal properties. Now, modern-day research […]
Nov 1, 2016

Is Chocolate Really Good for You?

A new analysis of existing studies provides more support for the idea that cocoa in chocolate may actually be good for you. But be cautious if […]