Aug 29, 2015

Duncan Edeot-Creations-Qn Visualize

Duncan Edeot is an artist whose skillset streches from way back when he used to draw  cartoons make comic books about President Museveni and it was in 2005 […]
Jul 10, 2015

The Last Stand

Crimson red drops stain his armor Like a flood the enemy washes over their defenses The night sky is clear and the moonlight illuminates their blades […]
Jul 10, 2015

Fade To Black

Why do your memories still haunt my waking dreams? If I sleep in darkness will I still dream of the light? Daily my heart is rent […]
Jul 9, 2015

5 Facebook Hacks to Keep Your Data and Your Reputation Safe

Thinking of ditching your Facebook account? You’re in good company. A study fromCornell suggests that 33 percent of all Facebook users take periodic breaks from the […]
Jun 30, 2015

9 Things Warren Buffett Says You Should Do to Be Happy and Successful

Warren Buffett knows a thing or three about becoming wealthy and successful, and the Oracle of Omaha is not averse to handing out mostly excellent advice […]
Jun 22, 2015

Apple Pay: what does the future hold for businesses?

The virtual wallet is far from a new concept – but Apple’s new mobile payment service, Apple Pay, is a step in the direction of making […]