Aug 29, 2015

Jona Kagimba-Creations-Qn Visualize

Jona Kagimba AKA JNK is a Uganda based graphic designer and illustrator  with over 5years experience in illustration and below is some of his high quality work.
Aug 23, 2015


Dafari is a kenyan based Christian Dancehall artiste who has been in ministry for over eight years ,he is a CEO and music/video producer of K-Clip Media .Here […]
Jul 9, 2015

Annie the Dj-Qn-factfile

Annie wainaina AKA Annie the Dj is one of the finest Gospel female Djs from Kenya,annie is currently the only female dj for K-Krew a team […]
Jul 9, 2015

James Hasindihe-Five Plus Interview

James Hasindihe is the CEO of VX Uganda, a new sport that originated from York shire.This sport borrows similar concepts of dodge ball or “Kwepena” as […]
Jun 23, 2015
Esther Kalenzi-Qn-Quotes
“The future of this nation is in the youth organizations and individual youths who can make a difference in society like us who have touched lives […]
Jun 10, 2015

Gilbert Igabe Creations-Qn Visualize

Gilbert igabe is a self taught digital illustrator, currently doing a Multimedia course at Aptech Uganda.He was born in Rwanda,raised in Kenya and is currently staying […]