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Muro-Five Plus Interview

MUTUMBA RONALD a man known to many as Muro or Man of fire (muror) like some call him is a catholic raised gospel artiste, a lover football and music which led him into the four walls of a church building. In 1998, at the encouragement of a Christian leader- Pastor George Okudi delivering the message, Muro’s world was flipped upside down as the Holy Spirit convicted him of his sin and need for a Savior instantly; he gave his life to Christ and got saved.In 2005,Muro decided to use his gift of music and performing arts to glorify God and bring transformation to his peers, so he joined a church dance group called “Living Springs”, while he also sung with another rap group called “PROSPEX” which was made up of him and 2 other individuals: Don MC and Prosper who together recorded their first single “Why, Why” which was an HIV/AIDS awareness song that received good air play on radio. The group went on to record more singles like “all the Children Crying” ,”Coming Soon” ,Give Your Life to Jesus among others all recorded by Kasika Richard from Kenya

After a few years the group disbanded with each artiste going solo and Muro going on to record a few singles that so him break out with the single “Don’t Cry” on which he collaborated with Crystal Fabulous and the late Mac Elvis who was the producer of this single which caught like a wild fire playing on most radios and the video on most T.Vs in the country making Muro a star and house hold name .Muro has gone on to record more songs and collaborations with artistes like Robin San, Patricia and Mac Elvis.
Currently Muro is working on his debut album and is signed to Journey Man ProjeKT a label and group under Sami-K and he travels all over the continent sharing his music and testimony inspiring a generation of young believers and encouraging others to accept Christ as their Lord and savior.We as the One Question Network pride in having interviewed him follow the link to view the interview

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Where did the New Year 2013 find you and what were you doing?

Year 2013 found me home praying.

What’s your take on the Ugandan gospel music industry and can it compete favourably with the international gospel industry?

Ugandan gospel is now taking a lead and Thank GOD for it. Ugandan gospel music has gone a step ahead and we are doing the best to see that the word of GOD through music can reach everyone,thank GOD that the quality of the music done this time is far better,and we are going international.

Who Is Muro Ronald and what does he do?

Muro is a chriatian rap artist[minister]

What’s your Education Background?

Muro is a graduate in journalism and mass communication.

There are so many artistes that have come on the scene and totally disappeared off the music scene, what have you done to keep on the gospel music scene and how long have you been professionally performing?

Praying and comittiment. Have been in the industry since 2005,including performances in and outside Uganda,yes keep in the music ministry you got to be waiting on God,having a strong heart ready to face challenges.

What genre of music do you sing and why did you opt to do gospel music?

HipHop,i choose to do gospel because of the love for CHRIST.

What should we expect this year 2013?

My album is coming out any time from now[way truth and life] and more.Thank you much and GOD bless you.

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