K-Mas – Five Plus Interview

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Jul 19, 2013
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K-Mas – Five Plus Interview

K-mas AKA Wandyembe Aaron, is a reggae, dancehall artist, singer, song writer, script writer, video director and graffiti artist. He begun his music career in 2010 and went professional after high school in 2012.He has several records to his name like Bajja besesa, Country girl, Jovia, Mama and other songs. He has worked with reknown musicians and music producers in East Africa like Kaz Kasozi of Sound Kitchen, Maloe Klaassen of Kampala Music School, Paddyman of Audio1 Records, Ngoni of Gudenuff Records and Promotion labels like Andy Events.

He has performed on stages like The Yello Festival 2012 in Mbale Uganda, the Bayimba Regional Festival Of The Arts 2012 in Mbale Uganda and worked with Titan at The Bayimba International Festival Of The Arts 2012 in Kampala Uganda. He also is a member of East Coast Entertainment.


Who is K-mas?
I am a singer, song writer and performing artist.

Where did you grow up?
Entebbe and Kampala but mostly Mbale.

What genre of music do you do and why did you choose it?
Reggae / Ragga Dancehall / Ska. It’s straight to the point and message oriented music.

When did you discover that you could perform/sing?
High school Talent shows played a large role in this case

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
My mother inspired me a lot back in the day when she played with the police band.

Are you a Rastafarian? Do you have to be dread to be a rasta?
I’m not a Rastafarian but I do have dreadlocks. It’s not about hair its about the message in your art. But I generally have no problem with the Rastafarian culture.

Any Hobbies?
Everything about music, travelling, the internet and swimming.

Have you performed at any major concert?
Several times (MTN Yello fest, Bayimba Regional Festival… the list is just too long to mention for now.

How would you want the world to remember you?
As a trendsetter for local music especially with the aim of teaching and inspiring.

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