It’s Christmas Already?

Samuel Kamugisha
Dec 17, 2012
IAM-2012 Kick off-Gospel Mix
Dec 29, 2012

It’s Christmas Already?

I went through 2012 chasing so much stuff that I did not even realize the year had come to an end. How does one know that the year has come to an end? Simple. When tomorrow is Christmas day. And how does one know that tomorrow is Christmas day? When today is Christmas eve. Simple, really, no rocket science involved.

So anyway, I was chasing so much. A lot was happening so fast that I even remembered it was my birthday that night when I hit the sac. I ended up forgetting the birthdays of the people that matter to me as well. At some point, I was a moving target. People were just out to gouge out my eyes, especially the fairer sex. Guys don’t give a rat’s buttock. Forget a fellow guy’s birthday, and you can buy him a drink the next day. All will be forgotten. Can’t say the same for our female counterparts. You’ll be dead even before the first strike!!

But, lo, here we are at the end again. Isn’t it somewhat a wonder that time never changes but we who have been given the time change? Every year is 365 days, but every year you are a year older. And now there is a new trend. Some o’ y’alls can have as many as 6 birthdays in one year. I am telling you, this year I wished the same chap a happy birthday three times on facebook, until it dawned on me that said chap was probably broke and needed to furnish the cupboard-sized cubicle he called an apartment. People do those things.

Speaking of the end, the ancient Mayans should be turning over with embarrassment in their tombs right about now – or whatever is left of them. Well, catastrophe was supposed to strike on 21st December 2012. Now, between me and you, that didn’t happen, otherwise I would not be typing this on the 24th, three days later. In fact, nothing extraordinarily spectacular happened. People(see, Kampalans) were out and about doing their shopping(as well as window shopping… just congesting the whole place. Go to the village!!)

But now there’s a new one. In February 2013, there is an asteroid that is on course to pass in between the earth in the moon and has a chance to hit satellites and possibly even Earth itself . Now, though it s very unlikely, 2012 DA14 – the said asteroid’s name – cannot be ruled out. This will have tongues wagging. Perhaps the Mayans were wide in their calculations by two months. Who knows. There’s even a bunch of idiots in France who camped atop a mountain, who believed that on 21st December, aliens would emerge from the mountain and save them from the apocalypse! A 78 year old man has, since the 80’s, been building a doomsday shelter that can house 500 people, is heavily fortified, runs on internal generators, and has a decontamination room, a radio station, and a chapel. Also anyone is(or was) welcome free of charge!

There’s is also another new one. Mbu the other half of the Mayan calender that predicated an apocalypse that would occur in 2012 was found in May. Experts say that the discovery means that 21 December 2012 simply marks the beginning of a new calender cycle, and not an apocalypse, as has been thought up up till now!

Is all this not bollocks? So now, what, there is another apocalypse? Why don’t people just let Earth and nature be? They could pick a leaf from us Ugandans. Some things just don’t move us. You dare tell anyone mbu apocalypse. They’ll scoff at you and you’ll wish you were not a smart pants after all. Ugandans live in the now. Their lives are not dictated by dead folk who ran out of tree bark and abacus when they were doing their calculations.

But any way, 2012 has come to an end. I am thankful to be alive. I think that is the most important thing, life. Merry Christmas everybody, and  a Happy New 2013.

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